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  1. I was talking to a friend, and he told me about this. There sounds that pay phones use to tel if you inserted change in, and if so how much change. i Heard of these sounds, but i cant find much on them. I'm hoping someone could shed some light on this. if its true, and if so, how could i use it to get free calls
  2. Ok as the description said i know a little about C programming but I'm curious into whats the difference in C#, and C++ and whats so different about them.
  3. yeah i saw some of people's custom firmware but i never installed any beause i even tho they my be "safe" there always is a chance it will brick your PSP and the only fix for that currently is spending 100 dollors and buy a mod chip
  4. ok, i was really big into this over the summer and heres some of the sites i use --this site is the most up to date one i found -- this site is good if you have questions and its fourm is pretty good -- not a bad site, alot of random games and emulators
  5. Ok, I'm kinda confused on this is it that you just want to get your photobucket account or do you want a brute forcing program oh well, here's a way i found out how to view there pictures and/or save them 1) of find a picture from the photo bucket you want to view/save the pictures 2) right click on the picture 3) slide down to property's and click on it 4) copy the image location, it should look like*us...of_the_picture* 5) paste it into Notepad 6) then take the URL you just pasted and take off the *name of the picture* Should look like this*username*/ 7) Copy and Paste that into the Address Bar 8) have fun looking at all the pictures