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  1. #1: he is using windows, XP at that #2: he is using SP2 #3: he is using norton firewall #4: he is using the official AOL client #5: he isusing mIRC #6: he is using IE yup..........HES A GOD DAMN FUCKING KIDDIE DUCH BAG BITCH ASS HACKER-WANNABE!!!!!! fuck him and his bawt-net!! if someone posted his ip up here, what might someone happen to this poor soul?
  2. /me awaits the deb pkg i should learn how to compile a kernel from source!!
  3. well, i know that i can get the source code for yast and anaconda, but i dont know about suseplugger...i know of one alternative, but i have not used it, it's called gnome-volume-manager i think i am going to try it right now
  4. well....gentoo..... i have not tried it, nor do i think i care to, all that time and attention would murder me! but either way, we are talking about the general public, the M$ whores who dont know any better. i want to save them! debian is very simple, fast, and feature-rich, add some nice gui utils on top, and it will steal the M$ customers faster than you know it!
  5. is there not a soul willing to post a reply? please people, i need some ideas and criticsizm!
  6. congrats neo_phreak! i would suggest debian sarge, look arround debian.org, and get the net inst (it's easiest to install) APT IS YOUR FRIEND! good luck, i'm here to help if you need any!
  7. well, i have some ideas to make an easy, stable and free/cheap linux distro for the mass croud, as an alternative to winders. the following are some notes i have: -use base-debian -use the anaconda installer -use a modified yast (from suse) as the centralized control panel -use suseplugger or something like it -gui-ized debconf dialougs -specific set of software *why base-debian - because deb pkg's are the best, apt is a god sent, and debian seems to work better than any other distro i have used! *about the installer - i think it would be cool to take a 10 or so question survey about the computer and what you want to do with it, then it will choose the best cofiguration, you would also be able to do a custom install *about using yast - i belive yast is able to use "plugins" which would make it extremely easy to develop for *suseplugger - i like the way that suseplugger alerts you of new hardware, and asks you what to do *about debconf - debconf is whats used in debian to easily configure packages, it is text-based, and can be confusing at times. the masses are used to gui's so the debconf dialougs should be gui-ized *specific software - things will be modified, and optimized to work with a specific set of software for each genre (Firefox, OpenOffice, KDE, Gaim, etc.) i'd like to add more choices, but at first, be specific i want to keep it all open, free, and community driven there's alot i havent addressed here, please post any comments, suggestions, criticsism, you can also contact me privatly via jabber, aim, msn, yahoo, email or pm, check my contact card thanks, klipper
  8. i saw that on google news, thanks for posting, and semen, dont go reeming him for doing nothing wrong, i dont read slashdot either
  9. Gerard Seenan Tuesday September 7, 2004 The Guardian It's not London (020), and it doesn't much resemble Birmingham (0121). People visit it from Glasgow (0141) and go surfing it in Ipswich (01473). So what is that place with the phone prefix 056? Cyberspace. Ofcom, the telecommunications regulator, announced yesterday that on top of the traditional landline prefixes and mobile phone numbers, people will now have to memorise a whole new set of phone numbers for calls via the internet. The prefix 056 is to be assigned as the area code for those who want to make telephone calls using a high-speed internet connection. The move comes in response to the growing market for cheap telephone calls made over the internet. The technology piggybacks on broadband connections and allows users to make cheap, or sometimes free, telephone calls in return for a monthly subscription. Internet service providers and cable companies now routinely offer internet telephone connections to their customers using voice over internet protocol (Voip). Ofcom said it believed Voip could lead to a sharp drop in call costs, since it costs far less to offer such services than it does to offer traditional telephone services. The regulator made its announcement yesterday as part of a broad-ranging statement on how it intends to regulate services that use the internet rather than the traditional telephone network. From: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,...1298714,00.html
  10. man.......metal doesn't usually come in THAT shade of brown!
  11. hey all, havent posted here for a while, i have been moving, but i am up and running again! so woot! anyways...i recently installed SuSE linux, and i'm loving it. while installing, i noticed an application called gnokii, it said it was for connecting your pc to your cell phone, so i installed it. my question is...how useful is this program, more useful than the obviouse (sms'ing, ricoche, address book?) http://www.gnokii.com
  12. ***LATE AND +BREAKING+ NEWS*** ok...ummm, unleashed2k's computer is well....FUCKED! he was fucking arround with his psu, and got his cathodes to light fully, and then his cd-rw and hdd BURED evidently killing his battle field vietnam cd1 and destroying the data on his hdd! so we will be working on the site from my house until his replacement parts come in. so it may take a bt longer for the site to be fully operational, but just hang in there, and please help out. the domain linuxshit.org should be set up by tomarrow. g_virus out ps. i need a new handle
  13. ok, last night unleashed baught the domain www.LinuxShit.org . and the site should be accessable there shortly. we are still looking for an irc network that will host our channel.
  14. just moved back to florida, and got my internet up. my friend unleashed2k and i are making a linux site called linuxshit. we would greatly appreciate any help you have to offer, like, money, ideas, services, etc. we are currently looking for an irc network that would host a #linuxshit channel. the site is currently hosted at http://linuxshit.shootemupgaming.com please check it out, and help out with what you can! we have some ass holes who dont like my friend threatening to buy our planned domain! grrrrrrr :blowfuse:
  15. YES! damn your knowledge to the depths of PHONE HELL! (aka MCI) that pretty neato, but being that i have never seen the batman show, i dont really understand.