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  1. Definitively BackTrack3 , I just got my Version of BT3 running from USB. Yes, I finally did it :-)!
  2. Hey everyone, is it possible to get some Shirts shipped to europe. Yours, HaNoCr.
  3. I've got the File somewhere I think but I don't think it'l be a good idea to upload it somewhere cuz it should be REALLY big. If you have a good idea how to load it up without much trouble tell me and I may be able to upload it (if I really got it ... still somewhere). Yours, HaNoCr.
  4. I 've got a D-Link card which sucks pretty much, an onboard card from Broadcom which is "okay" and finally i've got a Senao 3045+ or sth. like that which is pretty good (prism chipset ... dont remember exactly which one). I'd recommend Senao! BTW, you can check compatibility issues on most OS Sites .. for example remote-exploite.org , which I also can recommend for hackin WiFi. If you even need instructions check ... www.offensive-security.com (some preview videos ... ). Yours, HaNoCr
  5. Yeah, I think thats what he wants to know. If sb. would be that nice to answer his question completly, this topic would become a "How to - Spoiler". There are thousands off ways to get started with this, this is going to become very interessting . I'm not going to answer him. In the o hand i don't know if it is allowed to do sth. like this and on da other it's too much to write. Yes, I know, I'm lazy. HaNoCr
  6. you know "god" "sex" "love" "hate" ! Sounds like sb. likes the movie "Hackers" . HaNoCr
  7. Hey! I allready got an very old version of Auditor. Now I decided to get a newer one. I burned the downloaded ISO, but the new one doesn't boot (the older one does). Any suggestion ? Which one is better for WLAN Attckn Auditor or Backtrack, or maybe sth. else ? Which distro do ya prefer for WLAN hackin' ? HaNoCr (If u know a lot about Auditor, you may also can help at my "3054cb+ on Auditor" topic) [sry for the bad english!]
  8. Anyway, thx for the help ! HaNoCr
  9. Hey! I recently got a "SENAO SL-3054CB PLUS(ETSI)" and I've got 2 Problems: - I need to get every avaible Driver for this special Card, any version you can get. It would be n1ce if you post the downloadlink's with describtion. - How to connect with this PCMCIA card on Auditor Knoppix (http://www.remote-exploit.de) ? A step by step instruction would be n1ce. (I already tried it 2 Days) (!PLEASE! neigther flame the 3054cb+ nor the Auditor Distribution. Just help!) HaNoCr
  10. I'm using the BORLAND C++ Personal Builder. Let me get you an advise, don't buy any Borland Product. BECAUSE, mostly every code you'll find in the INet is not fully compadeble with the Borland Products, you'll have to change a few thinks @ the code everytime. The best I think would be, if you get the C++ Dev by Microsoft (bit-cough-tor-cough-rent). HaNoCr (Sry for the bad English, ... but I'm very very tired. [Germany])
  11. Thanks dude !
  12. I does not work, thats true ^^. Maybe the spoiler is old. HaNoCr
  13. I took a look @ it, it really seams to work. The Idea is good, the only doubt I had was about the hardware. HaNoCr
  14. Indeed, very n1ce Song! Nothing to add to that. I don't think that I'm able to help anybody around here, but if ya need sb. from Germany. I'm, in! HaNoCr :cry:
  15. Yes it's possible. I saw sth. like that. But don't ask me, how ^^. HaNoCr
  16. High Gain Antenna for R-SMA Connectors Increase the effective range of your wireless devices! HGA7S * Increases the effective range of Linksys wireless devices * Stronger signal increases wireless coverage into hard-to-reach areas * Improves throughput by reducing retransmissions Easy installation -- simply replace your current antenna This is sth. like that. Maybe u only need to take a good look at u're Router configuration, they sometimes have a option to gain more Signal. (I know my english sucks, thx!) HaNoCr
  17. Try to get a look at the Bootfile. If can catch it, look for harddrive or sth. like that. HaNoCr
  18. Why don't you just buy a better Card or a better Antenna for Router/Card? Or do some Adjstments. mfg HaNoCr
  19. I don't think if it's a good Idea, but it should help. Write Programm that does sth like: main() { Which Letter ? Search for file beginning with that letter. Scan file for 0 bit patterns in that file. If there are a lot of them (much more than half) delete the file. } mfg HaNoCr
  20. Hi! Which one is the best and most supported Notebook WiFi adapter, without extAntenna? (Should be available at some German site.) What do ya think? Christmas is "soon", my mo asked me if I want anything? I said no (, as usually), but then I started thinkin' bout a new WiFi Notebook adapter. HaNoCr Ps: If possible less than 80 €. But if not, don't mind, just post ya faourite. EDIT: The Card should also work on WinXP.
  21. Okay, I bought a card ! I bought the "Senao NL-3054 Plus 200mw" for 40 € @ Ebay. Thx for everyones advise! HaNoCr http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=220050402321
  22. It is possible to change Bootorder and u also can delete sth. from the Bootorder(list). HaNoCr Ps: I also use auditor, but I never had such a problem. Looks like I'm a lucka .
  23. Am I wrong, or is UWIN ShareWare? HaNoCr