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  1. Nothing will happen to your friend or w/e... its just one hotmail account
  2. You should check these out http://irongeek.com/ http://www.how-to-hack.org/
  3. You should point out the year of the printing you used, nothing more. Despite the different printing problem, your idea is great
  4. 420 420 420 sounds like a possible recipients identifying number followed by either random, or 1-10 linear readings. This goes on for a long time sometimes, sometimes as short as 20 seconds or so. Grupo 019 Grupo 019 traslates into "group 19" or group of 19. The 19 groups that follow are: 249 12 | 066 29 | 263 19 | 124 07 | 159 05 | 043 05 | 256 16 | 127 36 | 285 21 | 130 12 | 044 132 | 104 03 | 272 04 | 047 127 | 130 12 | 130 11 | 249 12 | 259 57 | 108 38 | Those are in a page:word format, so the first is page 249 word 12, the second page 66 word 29, etc,. The text was: To survive be prepared to have radio communications salt and cans in the cupboard and guns to keep defense. Plan a book to be used in advance, and give the title to your partners/brothers/confidants . After that you can pass a code over radio, in classifieds, on Craigslist or other social sites (ala Mein Fraulein), through postal mail, disposable email, on a billboard or any other public method, with confidence it is supremely secure. If anyone wants to hazard an educated guess on the chances of this being broken without the books title, I would be interested in that. Well, there are several editions of the book And i guess there are several different formats of the book, which means that even if someone figured it out, he'd have to to search through all of the books variations to make a senseful sentance ... that is ofcource if he doesnt know the right book edition
  5. so, are we going to get the answer?
  6. It doesnt matter what are the results of pinging or tracing it... if you ping mazmach.tripod.com or someshitandsomeothershit.tripod.com the result will be the same... members.tripod.com The same addresses for tracing it... Btw, i have no problem opening the website
  7. I like und0it.com MD5 cracker better... Check it out
  8. When i have to compile something in Windows I use 'Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0' => 'Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0' Of course there are other compilers like LCC-Win32, Mingw32 C & C++, Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler... Google is your friend