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  1. Actually I have had pretty good luck with the PCI modems lately. I know first time I tried them there was terrible echo, especially the first few seconds. Maybe I learned how to use it, maybe the drivers were improved. Point is I've installed these and used them trying to go 100% VoIP at some locations, but still keeping a backup just in case. Route the calls so if the VoIP (inbound) doesn't go through it connects through the phone line. Super saver tip: AT&T you can order a residential line or DSL at a business location, lower cost no contracts. I've got a box full if you want one.
  2. Don't worry about the type or volume of calling, instead focus on the calling patterns. At the end of the day, they really won't care what you are sending through, they are making money off it. One reliable provider states: "Customers generating more than 500 daily call attempts will be subject to the following requirements for NANPA (USA/CANADA) calls: a) Minimum 45-second Average Length of Call (ALOC) Minimum 70% Answer to Seizure Ratio (ASR) c) Maximum 20% of traffic under 6 seconds in duration" If you are e.g. wardialing or robocalling sequential numbers the problem is going to be your ALOC and calls under 6 seconds duration. What is your expected call volume? I might have some suggestions.
  3. Besides the typical Cuban-American anti-Castro sentiment, very interesting. I had how poorly developed the Cuban communications infrastructed was.
  4. I don't know of anything free. If you didn't use MetroPCS you could get a VOIP toll free # for $1-2 per month, but MetroPCS does not allow you to formward calls to a toll free (last time I checked)
  5. I refuse to buy Apple products, I am not satisfied with Microsoft Windows and all the new Linux distros will instead of including a well-designed desktop called KDE 3.5 will instead include a buggy-beta quality desktop that is called KDE 4. It is so bad the there are features and functions present in the old version that are not in the new version! So I am not happy with any new OS. I suppose for text-based systems I can continue using the newer distros but for GUI systems I will be sticking with openSUSE 11.1 for the foreseeable future.
  6. There's one on ebay now asking $700
  7. I am against any sort of regulation because it will hinder or place higher burdens on the legitimate use of technology and create merely a tiny annoyance for those that already use the technology in a malicious manner. What is the point? In 911-bombing, identify theft, making harassing calls or defrauding persons not illegal?
  8. Talking about DECT I just found out recently there's a DECT cordless phone that can be installed in my car. How cool is that?
  9. If your friend doesn't mind there's no issue with that. Think parent and children or unrelated roommates... im sure they install 2 accounts in different names all the time. But as I said above, skip the landline. Get remote call forwarding. Number is setup instantly, no setup fees (ok.. maybe there is but it might be $20 vs $50 for a landline), etc, etc. Here in former Bellsouth-land it runs $18.50/month + tax, total bill about $22 for a single call path.
  10. There are a metric asston of "wholesale" pay-as-you go providers. Just deposit USD 20 or so and they provide you a connection. Most are SIP, however. But unless you are behind a restrictive firewall SIP vs IAX won't be a problem.
  11. I believe DECT uses the G726 codec. There are different encoding schemes or just implementations of G726... I saw what you describe in some VoIP deployments. Does anyone know if these PCMCIA cards support DECT 6.0, which is the North American variant on a slightly different frequency?
  12. You do not need to live in the area. Get a service called "Remote Call Forwarding" from the telco. The issue is, will they let you obtain the number (be it for landline or RCF service). There seems to be a recent crackdown on "vanity" numbers due to the 1000 block breakdowns (NANPA is assigning NPA-NXX-X these days...)
  13. Just setup a line of service with AT&T. I called the new number from a non-AT&T phone and the voicemail greeting says "Sorry, but the person you have called has a voice mailbox that has not yet been setup. Goodbye" and then it hangs up. For the hell of it, I pressed * during this greeting and guess what... it lets me setup the mailbox just as if I had been calling from the mobile phone! Called back and sure enough, the not-setup message is no longer played. When will these companies make their voicemail secure? I remember sometime in 2003 or maybe earlier I thought it would be cool to call a buddy on his SprintPCS phone with his own number on the caller ID and it just dumped me into his voicemail "You have 3 new messages" (or whatever) without even a single ring and IMO things haven't gotten too much better.
  14. I have an AT&T number that seems to work nationwide. It was listed as "bellsouth" in the online white pages. "Hello. TPI Automated test line...."
  15. Port the cell # to a remote call forwarding with the local RBOC (verizon or AT&T) Get a toll-free number pointed to your new cell # Point the RCF to the toll-free "Restricted" call problem solved