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  1. thanks for the heads up! i'd love to go to this, but probably cannot (money, time, distance, etc.). it would be interesting to get somebody from these forums to go that maybe lives on the west coast that could tape a lot of the talks that will be going on there. maybe some SE to grab up some copies of the powerpoint presentations given. i'd be willing to help out with the entrance fee if somebody could do some recon and get some good info. this all, of course, would be used purely for information gathering purposes. knowledge is power.
  2. hah. the phone system in my school as ancient. i wouldn't doubt that its all run off of some extremely old analog equipment. kind of difficult to do much without access to any of them (other than the "verizon yellow" payphones).
  3. how about some distributed payphone mapping. go around and find all the phones you can in the mall. come back in X amount of time with the approximate phyiscal location of the phone, description of the phone and the actual number. then when we're back we can dial them up and see how many people we can get to leave them off the hook. its nothing 31337, but i think it would be fun. =)
  4. SAS

    found a doc that has bellsouth mentioning SAS .. http://tinyurl.com/2wusd not too much detail, but perhaps there are a few of these still in use?
  5. nice se work greyarea. i always thought that getting the 411 was free, but having the op connect you cost money? geuss i was wrong.
  6. thats probably the best location you could pick for somebody comming from southwest pinellas. gandy to 275 and its right off the fowler exit. i used to go down there every month for a lan called Esports Pro that was held at the sundome. no objections here
  7. i saw mention of this on another site and its pretty interesting. being able to use it anonymously is definatly nice, but the rates are kind of crappy. i think E911 is what you are thinking of. my kyocera se47 has gps built in that is, by default, enabled for "911 and emergency services". i doubt it would take much these days for our favorite 3 letter agencies to use this information to locate a given individual.
  8. nice find natas. i'm looking through verizons site for something similar. edit: spent a few hours looking through verizons site to no avail.
  9. i'm awake! =) 2600 outlines some meeting guidelines
  10. very possible. i'd like to find out before i subscribe to a regular package. any verizon wireless customers here with a working 0 or 00 op ?
  11. Strom Carlson +1 Informative ty edit: there is also another switch listed as NPA-NXX-# on telcodata belonging to verizon wireless (the # matching the first digit in my last four). the switch that i have information on is the one at the CO that is the PSTN for the wireless switches. are there any good resources on wireless switches or tower identification? links: npa-nxx CO switch i'm looking for info on 727-599-6### my aplogies for being too stubborn to search, but i wouldn't know what terms to use to find what i think i'm looking for.
  12. Auto/Elec ESU 3072 Line Capacity according to telcodata =)
  13. 0 and 00 give me "were sorry the feature code you've dialed is not valid" do wireless carriers not want to provide operators?
  14. i am a prepaid verizon wireless customer in the 952 (tampa market area) lata. when dialing 10102880 from the 727 npa i get: "your call cannot be complete as dialed, please check the number and dial again. PA2" i'm not quite sure if it is say BA2 or PA2, but either way i haven't the slightest clue what it means. is there another way to access this service without the toll? even dialing a toll-free 800 number with the prepaid plan costs me at least 35 cents (25c connect + 10c/minute).