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  1. I've been thinking of trying to create a hidden virtual machine to use as a platform for other hacks on a hacked machine. The idea is basically to run some sort of exploit on a machine which will download and install a of a virtual machine on the box so then you'd have a hidden machine which you could launch any type of expolits with out any antivirus interfering from the host machine. I'm planning to use a modified version of vmware server as the source code is aparently avaliable on . The only problems I can see other than the obvious one of editing of the source code is that the virtual os might be quite large. All this is for purely for educational use. I'm not planning to use it on anyone elses boxes. Just wondering what other people think.
  2. I've been using Vista for about 3 months and am finding it quite stable. I did have had a couple of minor problems though the first being the sound driver vista installed didn't work so had to get the ones from the manufacturer and the second was a FirebirdSQL control panel plugin caused explorer.exe to crash I fixed it by removing the firevbird.cpl file everything is working fine. I'm not trying to defend Microsoft, but my personal experience has been a good one, although I'm sure most home users would still be struggling with the problems I had. I also found that upgrading to vista has been my easiest windows upgrade it caused me less headaches than my XP upgrade from win98.
  3. If you've got a sound card cabaple of 192khz you can use this software to create RDS signals I used to use it when doing private fm broadcasts
  4. I'm looking to try and setup a small network on VMWorkstation and use it to test a few botnets I've found, I'm not planning on doing anything with them once I've tested, This is purely for knowledge so I can see the attacks from both sides. The problem I've got is I want to try out a denial of service attack, but obviously don't want to have thousands of virtual machines running, so my question is can I lower the amount of bandwidth on a target machine in so I can run a DDOS with less than 5 machines? Thanks
  5. The virtual machine your using has scsi drives so you will need to add the drivers when asked in the windows installation, if you don't have the drivers you'll need to get another virtual machine which has ide drives. If you go to you can customise your self a virtual machine.
  6. Are there any conditions on joining the network? Are all machines allowed to be attacked or are we only allowed to attack specific machines? If only specific ones how can we identify them. I'm going to be running a virtual machine myself so won't be to bothered if it gets attacked, but others might not be and I wouldn't like to break someones machine with out permission.
  7. You could use Void11 to deauthenticate his wireless card from the network. It keeps it disconnected until you turn it off.
  8. Hello all, I'm quite new to running Linux and have noticed on all of the distributions I have tried non of them have antivirus or spyware protection on them. I would like to know if anyone actually has and programs installed on there Linux boxes and any recommendations on which to install. Thanks
  9. Have a search for ERD Commander, It's a cd rom boot disk, that has a windows password changer. EDIT Just noticed you need to get the password, copy the sam file using a bootdisk and then use L0phtcrack to bruteforce the password.