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  1. but see you got to think almost like a noob or someone who has never touched a pc. the entire project is geared towards making a cheaper(free?) operating system that is compatible with windows based applications and easy to use and install. say a medium size startup company of ~50 people wants a nice machine without all the restrictions of the new vista that is coming out soon. also they dont want that hefty price tag associated with it or xp even for that matter. or maybe they dont want to 'upgrade' to vista to save some bucks, at the same time they dont want to have to educate those 50 windows users on linux. anyhow you got to look at it it relates to deployment time(how quick someone can catch on to this new os) and to cost. example, 50 machines that run XP Pro ~200 a pop is about 10 grand. then add office on top of that thats about another 10 grand. of course on the other end you can take some more time to educate and save almost all of that with using linux but in todays world people want stuff done yesterday. at least with this os you would drop one of those large price tags and its not as scary to alot of people because it is so much like windows. in that sense i can see the software succeed... at the other end of the spectrum people aren't going to dump linux to go over to this. same thing would probably apply to a regular user of windows. it takes people with an open mind to try something new.. this project is giving you something new.. with an old twist. i do concur though that if it gets large and is becoming widespread they will get bought out or sued. sadly enough, money in the end rules all and as far as this project goes.... they dont have alot.
  2. here is thier current screen shots from teh site... from some of the shots it looks very windows-ish with a dash of linux. its like a bastard child of the two... i think i am going to install this on my tardbox tonight. lets see how compatible it really is. i have an atheros chipset wifi card, soundblaster audio card, and just a regular nic all on an old pentium 3 900 w/ 512 ram and a 20 gig drive. pretty generic machine. i am curious to see if any of these will be detected by default.. and if not if it will take the drivers? i will report back later tonight or tmw when i get to work to let you know how well it works in the "alpha stage" in a real enviroment. edit- just downloaded live cd and release... both under 100 megs
  3. interesting. i guess i misread their about page. when i was first going to post i thought it was its own OS but after reading that about i was under the impression it wasnt. i think the line, "isnt another OS" threw me off. anywho, should of read the wiki. but still i think its a cool concept. i wonder if its linux like, mac like, more windows like.. or maybe something really cool that we dont even know about
  4. its is a flavor of linux that is trying to be compatible 100% with windows apps. it is trying to mesh them. now before you scream WINE!!!! its not a wrapper....but it is not an OS? please read the sites about and see what you would call this. also they mention SkyOS on the about page.... anyone got some info about this? what is it? all i could get off thier site is some videos look appear to be another distro from the looks of it. what other alternative does a windows user have? will these merge the 2 worlds of linux and windows together? is it just me or do you see a light in the dark haze of the future? comments? please discuss. a nice little write up...
  5. i saw this over on the okc2600 site. a program for windows that 'prevents' buffer overflow exploits. "WehnTrust is a Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) that provides secure buffer overflow exploitation countermeasures. While other Windows based intrusion prevention systems are only capable of working with a pre-defined group of applications, WehnTrust's technology allows it to work with virtually all software products. Perhaps best of all, WehnTrust is currently free for home use. " discuss...
  6. hah actually according to the actual rules of the game that pile of money shouldnt exist. alot of people use the free parking to collect this cash, but in the rule book that part of the game is just known as 'free parking' and goes on to say "you may sit in this spot for free of charge." personally i find it alot more fun to put all the taxes and whatnot in there. on topic... it could be rather interesting to see this game. i wonder if the deeds also have some sort of stripe on them. if so do you swipe the card and then the deed? what happens if you dont have enough play cash? does it spit out a thermal print that says declined? then everyone playing can give you 'that look'
  7. 405

    I was really wanting to setup local meetings here in Norman, Oklahoma. Wanting to see if there are any members that are close to the area that are willing to meet. I am organizing something soon with a few people, and wanted to see if the interest is more widespread than us. I am going to be posting flyers around the local campus (Oklahoma University) and surrounding areas. Just wondering if there is any one else around here that shares similar interests in technology and ways to break erm i mean mod it If interested give me a general idea of time/place that would be good in town. We are about to get a new starbucks on main st, and there is always the local delis. all very centrally located in town. There is the 2600 meetings but those meetings arent too organized, and well...not to welcome of newcomers. Also they like to have them way on the north side of OKC and it sort of sucks trying to nail a 5pm meeting 20+ miles away in rush hour traffic. hrmmm