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  1. All roads leed to thermite. Attatch an ignitioun switch to some place it over HDD and there you go. It doesnt matter how good they are there never gonna get your data off it once its molten gloop.
  2. Preston North West anyone?? I know im resurecting an old thread but iv been away from the forums for a while and missed these.
  3. Iv never used this and have no idea what it is but im going to look it up anyways. It sounds useful.
  4. All those who play Ogame will understand this they wont let me register because im not part od their allience, so i was gonna get in find out alot of their infomation(members / planets rez/ raid plans etc) then use it with my allience so we can attack them. I could also use the info and "sell" it to other players aswell for alot.
  5. I got that!!!! But im not too good
  6. Iv not got firefox on this computer
  7. As you all know im retard at hacking/programing, but you are not. So i want you help to get into this site(if its possible). here is part of the script were the password is............ <br /><script language='JavaScript' type="text/javascript"> <!-- function ValidateForm() { var Check = 0; if (document.LOGIN.UserName.value == '') { Check = 1; } if (document.LOGIN.PassWord.value == '') { Check = 1; } if (Check == 1) { alert("Please enter your name and password before continuing"); return false; } else { document.LOGIN.submit.disabled = true; return true; } } //--> </script> You must already have registered for an account before you can log in.<br />If you do not have an account, you may register by clicking the 'register' link near the top of the screen <br /> <br /> You should know there is no maliciouse intent here at all!!!! I want to find out some information from this site, that is all. EDIT: here is the actual site http://s12.invisionfree.com/ImperioUMA/
  8. Thanks for the advise but her mum rang the police instead so their going to deal with it some how.
  9. Already changed the security question and it still happened. Its also only her home computer she uses so only she and her mother have access.
  10. OK the story, so sombody (we know who we just cant prove it) has been hacking into my girls MSN acount and has been changing her srceen name to some SERIOUSLY disgusting things and talking to her contacts as her and screwing things up. This has happened a few times before and shes changed her password on 3 ocasions but its gotten realy bad. So i would like to how they could be getting into her acount and how could it be stoped??? Shes checked her computer for key logger things and others of sorts but nothings turned up. I would also like the other person to pay BIG for this and screw with them a alot cus shes realy upset, i will post the offending persons MSN her as soon i get it in the hope that some of you will fuck with them(if not i would like to know how i get in their acount and do it myself)
  11. Its not private data that would just be stupid.
  12. Im just wonder if this site is safe http://www.mediamax.com/ Its an online storage site and you can get 25GB of storage, i was told by a friend though that there not safe i.e anyone can get your information.
  13. Ye, same here, iv been studying it for almost 5 years now and im still not that good at it.
  14. I think its a brirliant idea and becuase i actualy uderstand the physics her it makes sense.
  15. ya and if they do theyre fucking ugly. no hot ass bitch spends time on the computer. not time hacking anyways. They dont hack but they do photoshop some of women I know. They are all fucking amazing though.