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  1. VNC is open could probably figure out how to stream video to the video driver that's installed.
  2. Welcome. =P
  3. What program are you talking about, then? edit: # Radmin @ # Uses a Video Hook Driver Radmin uses a video hook kernel mode driver under Windows NT 4.0 to improve performance. This lets you work on a remote computer with an incredible 'real-time' update speed (hundreds of screen updates per second). The Win2000/XP/2003 compatible version of the driver will be included in the coming version of Radmin. Probably going to be a bit more complicated than setting a file +r.
  4. Heh, nope. Have you guys used RAdmin, NetBus, BackOrifice...hell, even Remote Desktop Connection under Windows? I'm guessing it's a screenshot that's updated frequently, but the file is probably overwritten constantly, or else you'd need a massive amount of diskspace to store them all.
  5. Haha, isn't that MegaMan or something? No?
  6. I'm a student at a big medical complex/school...and all I know about HIPPA and security is that when I access patients' medical records, I have to do so through wired ethernet. No wireless access at all...and the area where we can plug into the Intranet system has no wireless access at all, actually, providing wireless access is prohibited just in case you have a trojan or whatnot on your laptop. We're not supposed to store patient records on our laptops at any time either.
  7. Anyone know of a service like this: ? I don't want to setup my own Asterisk box and whatnot...just a service I can use that fowards calls made to the virtual number straight to my cell/landline. I've done it with Asterisk + nufone before, but it's a hassle since my computer isn't on 24/7. Thanks.
  8. VoIPBuster, FreeWorld Dialup, VoIPStunt...(same company as VoIPBuster).
  9. Ran across this article, I hope it's not a repost. link for the lazy
  10. .wavs are playable in standalone players. =) Suprised me too, the first time I tried it awhile ago.
  11. Has he used his ATM card anywhere recently? Especially a restaurant? Sometimes waiters/waitresses will take the card to the POS (point-of-sale) to swipe it, and in the process, will swipe it past one of their own portable magnetic stripe writers. Then they can just dump the information to a blank card and used it. Or he used an ATM rigged with a magnetic stripe capture device and small camera to capture his PIN. Or he was phished online and gave his ATM pin to the fake website. There are track generators and algorithms that permit writing plaintext credit card information to a magnetic stripe card... There are very many possibilities, and without tracing his steps to exactly where he used his card, it''d be too hard to find the exact reason how they got his information.
  12. Download link: The site is up for me. =) There were a few errors when I tried using BackTrack, but they've issued a few fixes already (also on the download page)...I'll have to try them later this week.
  13. No more Googling for sites one-by-one. " Play these commercials back-to-back (watch all of them in about 20 minutes)" =)
  14. Awesome. Now, anonymous surfing wherever I go! =)
  15. I know they weren't hiding it, but the CSR told me the 1000 anytime, unlimited N&W minutes plan never existed. Shrug. I went to a few small stores in Southern California and got a good deal anyways. =P Generally, T-Mobile is pretty good. They resolve complaints pretty quickly. One thing is, they don't give you unlock codes for your phones within the 7-14 business they quote you. I've been waiting for over a month, oh well.