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  1. I have a new phreak term that I'm gonna start using. "Cone zone", in honour of Conan O' Brien. You could be like "Man, this brige is so leet, we're so totally in the Cone Zone right now"
  2. Abs0lute Gh0ul will pwn j00.
  3. Free 2 month VOIP trail from a cable ISP in my area (w00t)
  4. I feel like that sometimes, but I've converted a few by taking them UEing and than moving on to more techincal shit. What I've seen is that people are actually curious about technology, but they had no clue that they could go out steal information from telecom giants. Alot of people are extremely curious and daring, even more than some of the phreaks and geeks around here. It really not as bad as you would think, I know one guy who as ignorant as you could get, but just today he went draining with me and even said that we should go further.
  5. Wow.. Someone who was working on that must be trying really hard to make up for deficencies in other areas... (the penis)
  6. 555

    Phreakblaze, your post count right now is 1234! That does make an even four... Ok bad joke....
  7. 555

    Fuck yea, just 11 more posts until the awesome post count of.... :ranaway: :pissed: :devil: :growl: 666 :growl: :devil: :pissed: :ranaway: I take it you aren't a mathematics major... :glare: Think about it. Increment each position one from a 5 to a 6. You would have to add 111. Typo'D!!
  8. 555

    Fuck yea, just 11 more posts until the awesome post count of.... :ranaway: :pissed: :devil: :growl: 666 :growl: :devil: :pissed: :ranaway:
  9. Alright everyone, keep your hands where I can see them....
  10. Wow, I didn't trust myself with a saw when I was 10...
  11. It's a fake M16 I found in a box in my basement, I was pretty shocked when I opened the box and saw it for the first time. I'm Canadian, and have never seen or held a real gun before that...
  12. You have to cut off the power adapter and put the battery(ies) there, not at the phone line.
  13. Hehe... Yea, the cordless beigebox is a phun thing to try, you could even install it permantely if there was enough bushes...
  14. It uses a 9v battery instead of extention cord, convenient no? A for your modular jack quenstion, I'd just cut off the end, expose some copper than hook my clips there. Alligator clips make things so much easier, go for them...
  15. I'm not gonna ask... *wink*