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  1. Alright, so as you may know, especially if you were on IRC this time last year, I'm not that good with computer hardware, but I have gained considerable knowledge. So for my problem: I just got 2 sticks of 2gb OCZ Reaper RAM, and they are HUGE because of the heatsinks on them. Now what my problem is is that my CPU cooler extends over my DIMMs, and the 2 sticks won't fit. So these are what I see as my options. A: I take the fan off of my cooler, as there is a 120mm fan right behind that I presume will pull the hot air from the cooler. B: I take the fan off of that side of the cooler, find some way to reverse the rotation, and attach it on the other side of the heatsink. C. Take the heatsinks off of the RAM. They're not that important, as I'm not planning on overclocking the RAM right now, however I realize this will void the warranty. If I could get your input and/or alternate ideas I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. I have a Freezer 64 Pro, and the way its configured the fan can only go on one side. I was thinking if there was some sort of way to reverse the flow I could put it on the opposite side.
  3. http://www.freerainbowtables.com/ Not sure if that would help, it's been floating in my bookmarks for a while now
  4. I thought other kids are mean? Not really. Until you get suspended, that is. But I thought the other kids are mean? I couldn't think of a better comment than the last sentence of your post. Dude, no offense, but why does it seem to me that you just post if you want to express that you disagree with someone? Because then the idiots of the world would go unchallenged. Also, I was hoping for more Powerman 5000 in this thread when I read the title.
  5. That sounds like your motherboard is dead. I had the same problem, monitor on standby, fans spinning, all of that. I tried EVERYTHING, basically taking out each piece and trying it in a new computer. Its the motherboard.
  6. Come on IronGeek, you of all people know to Google. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=34567 I believe that's what you need.
  7. They probably have a list of servers, and when you connect they figure out which server has the most amount of bandwidth left and tunnel the traffic through there.
  8. I understand a not seeing a topic that was like 10 pages back. But seriously, this exact same question is on the front page of Nubie HQ. http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=37284
  9. So I recently built a computer, and I'm running Windows XP Pro on it. A few weeks ago, I turned on my computer, and was greeted with a message saying that "hal.dll" is corrupted. Yes, Windows haters, have a field day, but unless Linux can learn to play my games, I'll be using it. So anyway, I wipe the drive, do a fresh install, but today, explorer started acting all screwy so I ended it through the Task Manager, and started it again. About this time all of my applications started getting screwy, so I hit the power switch on my computer. Voila! I restart, and get the error about hal.dll. What's going on?
  10. In the weirdest happening of the day, I booted back up with the XP disk in, forgot to change the bios, booted into Windows... and it WORKED. Wtf?
  11. devilsreaper.com
  12. I once powered up without a heatsink, and now Strom has lost all respect for me. Its on kwotes somewhere...
  13. Torpark = The bomb. My friends at school are trying to find decent web proxies, which probably log passwords, while I just throw my key on the computer.
  14. WiFi Spray
  15. I'm sure they'd be ecstatic about a student running unknown software on their computers.
  16. "ping" and "telnet" are not Nmap. Nmap doesn't come installed.
  17. Olol, I love how you post once saying "test your knowledge" and now you come begging back with the same questions, revealing that its homework. WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU. You gain nothing from cheating. It would be better to just suck it up and do it. For lulz, here's the original post: http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=36948 And BTW: Don't double-post.
  18. Have you defragmented your disk?
  19. Sweet Jesus, change your avatar. I realize its a sword, but someone's employer can't tell that from 5 feet away.
  20. http://www.e-fense.com/helix/ That should work.
  21. I was recently allowed to pirate a hard drive from an old computer and, lo and behold, there was 10gigs of music on it. Today I was clearing out the drive of what I didn't need, using Shift+Delete, when I accidentally deleted the music. I have an undelete application, but it can't pull back entire folders, only one file at a time. As this music is meticulously sorted by artist and album, there are easily 200 folders. How can I pull back the entire folder?
  22. The biggest reward for me is being able to do what I love while still learning and being able to help others. (And so on and so forth.)
  23. Well I'm really not into phones that much, but there was one thing that I'd really like explained. Today someone called me into a three-way phone conversation, and after I hung up to call someone else, I was still in the call. Therefore it made it impossible to call out. What does this, and how can you stop/avoid it? Thanks!
  24. These do actually work, there's just a million hoops to jump through.
  25. Possibly a bootable SD card with a mobile OS on it, loaded with John?