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  1. my friend sent me this a lil' while ago, hope it brings a smile to someones face :-) http://www.paulenglish.com/ivr/
  2. okay, www.yellowpages.com I found that certain searches have an option for a free call, anyway, if you click it, it ask for "your" phone number then calls you and connects you to the buisness... now... I dunno, maybe I'm just hyped up on to much caffiene, but its fun to do to people... leaves them saying WTF? Anyway, hope someone has as much fun with it as I did.
  3. Okay, so this kid, he's really nice, and like... by far not intelligent... He wants to learn about Hacking, and ya know, He has it in his head that I can teach him, and I mean... He is a nice kid and all... and I just don't feel right being "harsh" to him... but he is driving me awal... he can't just read things (mainly because he doesn't understand) and then he ask me a million questions and harass's the living fuck out of me... so I try to show him somthing and then he jumps on me about HEY LETS LOOK AT NORAD.... I try to explain to him eithcs and he gives me this odd, wink like Right -- but we do it anyway... and I'm like... so Maybe he understand Jail... and try to explain that to him... oh lord... what do I do.... just smack the shit outta him and shove a book down his throat, or fake my own death?
  4. Hey fellow mac users, For those of you who haven't already discoverd this, http://www.sunrise-tel.com/ Hope it helps you guys out, I'm downloading it now, really excited... :-)
  5. Hey guys. I'm in the lobby of the hotel right now.... (i have my powerbook in my lap...I dunno who you are lady, but quit starin) anyway, I will have the room number later... and we sould PARTY tonight. or somthin... anyway. if your intrested.. check back here in like an hour.
  6. Hey, anyone arriving tommorw morning who wants to either A. Give me a ride to the Hotel, or B.Split a cab? My contact is random@rawrradio.com Drop me an email if you can, whereas I will be on a plane in a lil under 4 hours. Thanks!
  7. Totally... I envision, I would post around on various hacking/phreaking boards, state the cities I will be in and when, people show up at the hotel at a certain time, we all just kinda wander around, share the info we got, (I would love to hear stories about the local area) show off the boxes we have, and just have a good time for the night. As of Now, I know I will be in Florida - Tampa Orlando Daytona Jacksonville St.Augustine Palm Coast Georiga- Atlanta Brunswick Texas- Austin Arizona- Phoneix Nevada- Reno Black Rock Las Vegas *California- San Fransico New York- New York Long Island *I would like to hit up more places in Cali. And there will be a few other unregisterd spots
  8. Hey guys, I'm leaving for a very long road trip here shortly, I was thinking I will start phreak shows on the road, and if I get some good feedback, I could possibly get the confrence rooms in my hotels, and have mini-cons. I suppose the meetings would be alot better if the doors were open to anyone with intrest... I could even advertise it at the hotel maybe... educate some people? Its a pretty raw Idea, but if anyone is intrested, and would like to help out, or participate, let me know
  9. Should I put you both down for dinner? If so, how large are your parties and can you take people in your cars? ← Honestly I can only speak for myself, But I'm SURE I will have one guest. So yah, put me down.
  10. Okay, lets pretend for a second that we won't be brutley beaten in Vegas for messing around with shit. I would just like to see what results people get trying to hack their hotels, and what ever else (im not gonna say casinos) and how it goes for them. I'm gonna try to explore as much as I can, and I was wondering if anyone else will be doin tha same.
  11. Yes there are, Last year at burningman one camp brought a phone booth for there camp, then gave it away after burningman....Unfortunaltey, I wasn't at burningman last year to claim it, and my girlfriend didn't know any better. Check antique stores.... They have some of the best stuff.
  12. I am flying out there next week, I will be there thursday, I am hanging with the hackthissite crew, we are just distrubiting stuff. I would LOVE to meet up, we have a room in the same hotel as defcon, maybe we can have a big party!
  13. I am for sure going. I am going with the HTS Crew (www.hackthissite.org) but it would be totally cool if We all met up!
  14. I'm going to defcon!
  15. I would just call and ask... if there is a manned building near by, just walk up, knock on the door and ask. ....Why not?