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  1. We ever get any further on solving this one?
  2. There's another number I know of that has nothing but hold music... this one is hold music 24/7 and it's a pretty creepy song, actually... 1-800-620-1064 [ Not credited to me, I think it's on Bell's Mind ] PS: I'm still alive, I just switched to Gentoo, installed all the essentials, now just making it really nice and comfortable. I should have those scans... sometime or another... Damn my laziness.
  3. Nice work, ic0n! I'm still alive, BTW, finals almost over but the laziness still lingers... I've got, like, 4 scans I need to type in.
  4. I finally managed to be around a Verizon phone and remember the number at the same time. Indeed, 211 is the ANAC for Verizon in NPA 757.
  5. Yay! We've been wondering what these were for a long time. I've found one myself, an interesting thing is that these numbers can't be dialed from a payphone (You get that "not available from payphone" intercept); you need to dial them through AT&T to get them from payphones.
  6. Not sure if it still is, but Verizon here in 757 had an ANAC on 211. It might still be there, I haven't had Verizon for my local service for at least a year or two now and I never remember it when I'm near a Verizon phone.
  7. That's pretty cool... I'd buy it if I wasn't broke
  8. Ack... I can't get Linux to read my camera's SM card... Sorry, Strom, but it's gonna take a bit longer for those photos. >.<
  9. Just don't care what others think about you. If they decide who you are based on that then they're not worth the time to even shrug off.
  10. I'll take some pics tomorrow for ya. I also have an "AT&T 100" desk phone, but that's push button (Tone + Pulse) and all plastic. On the underside molded into the plastic is "FOR SERVICE CALL 1-800-222-3111"
  11. Yeah, the dial looks just like that. I haven't opened it yet but I suppose I will sooner or later and link to the pics here, so keep an eye out.
  12. It's an old rotary-dial ITT desk phone, label on the bottom has a date of 1983. It's an awesome phone, it was yellow when I bought it, now it's more or less white (I cleaned it off) and still works perfectly. All metal chassis, mechanical bell and payphone-style handset (you can unscrew the pieces on the handset) with an RJ-11 plug to the wall. I'd take a picture but I'm too lazy... I also have a cold (Mmmmm, excuses...) PS: Two new scans coming... sooner or later
  13. I've found a couple of these myself... and I have no idea what they are either... :\
  14. I gotta write that one down, that's a good one.
  15. Thanks for the compliments. You're welcome to use these or my older scans in the newsletter, consider them released under the GNU Free Documentation License.