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  1. Awesome Guys. Truely original. Keep them coming . -GLR listener.
  2. And look for my forum coming soon. Hackers and Leprechauns
  3. :go: -random lyric- Twirlz got girlie avatars/Twice as many as Jay Leno's fancy cars. ...that needs more work .
  4. trafnar: AZ2600?
  5. Hey go easy on trafnar .
  6. Poor TRON. I don't know enough about the guy to say anything...I'd love to have a beer with him though and see what his story is.
  7. I know I do . STRIPPERS!
  8. Hmmm maybe a parody of the "Can you hear me now?" guy. Like the black and white picture of Cap'n Crunch on the phone and at the bottom "Can you hear me now?"
  9. YEAH REALLY!!! *chugs another brew*. I GOTTA GO WORK OUT!!! YEAH FOOTBALL!!!! GO STEELERS!!!!! ...I'm an ass .
  10. ntheory loves his debyahn .
  11. A lot of what draws people to a con is the social aspect. I'm thinking some entertainment like a DJ or MC Frontalot rocking the mic . It sounds like you are going for more of a professional con slip so I'm not sure you want to replace Defcon as the current party con?
  12. "I'll be theeeeereeeee, I'll be theeeeerreeeee, just call my name and I'll be theeeerreeeee".
  13. *me imagines decoder in the mirror saying, "I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty"*
  14. I have two of them...finding them is a different story.
  15. ESR is just mad someone stole his "i<3frodo" handle. As the saying goes, "opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them and they all stink".