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  1. Just now I turned on my laptop without an external monitor and the white column started flickering and disappearing, but then after I logged in, it continued to flicker and came back to being the same white column as in the earlier screenshot. Would this be mostly an inverter problem since the screen itself is fine? Also, is the large silicon chip right behind the lcd considered part of the lcd screen or is it a different part? Thanks Edit: It started flickering again and has now completely disappeared and the screen is working as usual... :cry:
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I've taken the laptop apart, cleaned the connections related to the screen, tried moving the cables that connect to the screen and the motherboard, but no results. The white column doesnt disappear and doesn't even start flickering when I would move the cables so from my troubleshooting I think I either need a new screen, a new inverter, a new cable, (or all?). Screens run about $150 on ebay and inverters for about $40, so I might do what Mungwell suggests and buy a nice widescreen lcd as a second monitor. I'm currently using a 19" viewsonic external, but this thing isn't widescreen and its really a pain Regarding everyone's suggestions: -the screen doesn't flicker, but sometimes I would boot the laptop (from Sleep mode) and it would take a long time for the screen to actually show something, but I think that's more of a software problem especially when I have Photoshop or another intensive program that I left on. -I've tried twisting the screen, the edges, etc before I even opened the screen up. Inside, I would tap on the wires and connectors prior to taking those off - no results. - If anyone else has anymore suggestions, I'm still more than happy to listen. Thanks kr1sty
  3. By work I mean I'm self employed, so I don't have any agreements with HP that would get this taken care of. As for the cable coming loose....I barely move the laptop since its a 17" I don't haul this thing around so it's kind of like a second desktop for me and I'm wondering why this happened before, but then the white column disappeared and only now it has appeared. Any other suggestions? I tried pushing parts of the edges of the screen to see if there would be any reaction, but there weren't any changes.
  4. I have about 1.5" wide column of white space that goes from the top of my screen to the very bottom. It doesn't look like a software problem because when I take screenshots of the desktop, that column does not show up. This column also appeared not too long ago, but after a little that white column would start flickering and the screen would go back to working like normal. Now that column has come back. The laptop is an HP dv8230us about 2 years old - maybe a little older. Since this is a work laptop, its on Standby almost 99% of the time meaning I rarely shut it down. Restarting the laptop did not have any effect on the white column. I've drew an example on a screenshot I took. Any suggestions?
  5. HTTrack/web snake/ any website copy program or even a firefox plugin can work. It works best when the forum has a SE/bot friendly archive or a lo-fi version of the forum. (ie. binrev's would be: ) Then just rip that to your box and it should work fine.
  6. I disagree with people that say Vista is a complete failure. It might have been buggy for some, but I didn't have issues with it when I first got it. Now with SP1 it works better than ever and I have to agree its the hardware that's behind that could be one of the reasons it's so buggy for some. I remember XP had more updates than vista had when it came out too. But what the heck, all the hype about vista brought the price down so who's complaining? And all the high hardware req's are another incentive to invest in a good system
  7. It's very possible and recommended if you're using any internet faster than 56k. I personally like Windows Live Mail better. If you're using Gmail, they have step by step instructions in your settings.
  8. ^^^ What he said, and if so, post them please no, it just closes and the firefox window disappears
  9. it runs fine when I type in 'firefox'. no errors after I run it. It's when I get to an SSL secure site like gmail, yahoo, paypal, etc, the browser simply shuts down.
  10. Which linux platform would you recommend for a desktop environment? Which linux platform would you recommend for a web environment?
  11. Thanks, I agree with you. I've listed my firefox problem on a few forums, asked some experts, but no answers. I've even asked here ( So my next logical step is find another browser. I'm currently trying to install Opera. I need to download the Fedora RPM package to install on Centos right?
  12. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to linux, and I'm looking for a simple browser that can be easily installed on centos 5. Firefox keeps crashing when I go to SSL sites, and Lynx is a text browser which makes it hard to visit some sites. Thanks
  13. First of all, I'm a complete newbie at linux. I've always been a windows guy. Recently I purchased a centos distro VPS plan and installed vncserver on it so I can have a remote management type of deal so that I could use the internet through that. The problem is, whenever I run firefox and access a secure site such as gmail,, paypal, etc, it crashes. I have no idea why this is happening, maybe something to do with some sort of permissions, or something like that. The version of firefox installed is 3.01, the latest and centos-5-i386-afull Once again, this is the first time I have ever touched linux, so help me out here, and give me some ideas on how to fix this. Thanks
  14. Unless you have "Edit Avatar Settings" under the Personal Profile column then it's probably not there. Could be because you're new here Not sure.
  15. I use Qwest DSL with an Actiontec GT-701 router to connect to the internet and we have 3 pc's in our home and some users just waste up all the traffic by downloading torrents. They're the administrators of their pc's so I really can't force them to stop downloading, but I what I can do is possibly block those ports through the router. How can I accomplish this? my search on google has given me no answers.