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  1. Word. I could'nt agree more.
  2. Pwned for sure. If theese forums ever go flip cars or something.
  3. Hmmm ... not bad! next time I go into the city ill see if I can find a phone to scan from (312 NPA)
  5. My problem with most of theese scrubber programs is they f*** up my hard drive in some way or the other. Hard disk scrubber messes it up the least, leaving behind around 200 file fragments (488 Mb in size each) while BCwipe almost deleted all my fonts off my computer....I could just be careless though.
  6. I always thought it would be neat to have a semi-hand scanning feature. Example: 1) You initiate the war dialer. 2) The war dialer pops up a text field for you to enter text, you listen to whatever the phone number is (either by picking up the phone after its ringing or by listening to the modem speaker) and write that description down into a text field (you could even have a preset list along side the text box that the user could click to save time, like "dial tone", "voice mail system" or other things along those lines). 3) Once you're done you just go ahead and click the "Next" button and it randomly dials the next number. 4) when you are done with that scanning range entirely, you either let the war dialer finish it up automatically (no new numbers) or just tell the prog you're finished with that scan completely. 5) Upon finishing a scan the program outputs all data entered onto a neatly formated text file (or whatever other kind of file you want to make it). If that is actually able to be implemented, it would also be neat to format a template for how you would like the text file to look, maybe using user defined variable, stuff like %R might be able to display the range you're scanning and %N would be where you want to output the results. and of course other stuff like the date, time, and any other relevant variable information. You could make a template along the lines of: Scan of %R, By Count Chocula ---- %N A second cool idea, though it might be harder to implement, would be a small spectrum scope with frequency readout (similar to the tuner found on ). Only problem with this is that you would have to send the input of your phone line to your sound card or use a voice modem...just some wishful thinking for ya. *EDIT* and id be up for doing some beta testing
  7. Yeah im on NTFS, makes sense I guess...thanks for clearing that up.
  8. I am currently using two programs on my computer to stop files from being recovered: 1) AxCrypt, which contains a file shreder that randomly writes over deleted files several times to avoid restoration 2)Hard Disk Scrubber, which randomly writes over all unused hard drive space (Basicly, anything I forgot to delete using axecrypt) I decided to test how well this deletion process was actually working, so I went ahead and downloaded a program for the restoration of deleted files. I was able to find several system files, but not actually get them back because all of them were scrambled beyond recovery. The thing that bothers me about this though is the fact that the file names were not harmed in any way... So I went ahead and created a file called "test.txt". I wrote a long paragraph into and saved it to disk, using my shreder on it right after. I then searched the hard drive for recoverable files named "test.txt" and the text was completly incoherent and scrambled, the file name however, was not. This is'nt really a major concern (what will anyone do with just a file name?) obviously, but it couldnt hurt to fix the problem. Maybe I should just be using better file shredders/scrubbers? (Side note: I am aware of what an oxymoron "file privacy in windows xp" is, so lay off)
  9. I actually used one of those things for a while...Only problem with that is that he probably wants something that has batteries rather than AC. Best bet might be to just make an accoustic coupler....but at the same time those things dont get the best speeds.
  10. nice find indeed, I'm surprised you didn't get "hassled". Linemen in our area are assholes.
  11. I Like tone jungle....or maybe even....Phone Jungle!
  12. HAHAHAHA Oh man, is my face red....I cant believe I just said that...I meant blind. But i definatly would like to see if you could get that past the operator....thats a prank waiting to happen.
  13. "Hello im deaf and was visiting my cousin for the having a bit of trouble using his phone and . . . " You could always see if that one doesnt come up on your bill statement [EDIT] Oh yeah, and i am aware you brought up not having to talk to an op...
  14. wierd, I was listening to this song the other day and felt like calling it up... Hillarious that the scan has actually been done
  15. So I just bought an arrow antenna (dot com) the other day to work satelite antennas are very high quality. Anyone else here own one? (or even do satelite work for that matter)