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  1. IT'S MORRIS CODE: E-I-S is: dot, dot-dot, dot-dot-dot. Now figure out what "EIS" is? OK?
  2. I don't know when the charge was 6 cents/call but both of these now charge: $10 for 60 minutes which works out to be 16.5 cents/minute! I don't know when these were 6 cents/call but they sure aren't that price NOW. I think 6 cents/minute would be fair but where do you NOW find a caller-ID spoof service for 6 cents/minute? Thanks, anyway, for the suggestion. If one set up an "extender," one would still have to install the line where the extender were located, right? And, if one used it, the location number of the extender would be the same each time! I want a different ANI to be exhibited each time I made a call, if possible, OR, at least several fixed numbers. Do you know of any "extenders"available to those needing one to use--already installed? As to payphones, in the middle of the night, I don't want to trek to a payphone just to get another ANI exhibited.
  3. Just to clarify feel free to ask questions. just don't ask for anything on a silver plater.

  4. You seem to ask a lot of very fed like questions. 1. This is not the want ads. 2. regular text works just fine. 3. STFU and stop asking for shit.

  5. Yes, I know about spoofcard. However, did you look at what they charge/minute? Incredible! I'm look for something much cheaper. Thanks, however, for the suggestion.
  6. DOES ANYONE HAVE A COMPLETE WHITE HOUSE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY? Telephone Directories available on-line show White House names/numbers but many numbers in this NNX are MISSING! Has anyone computer-inputted ALL "existing and listed numbers" in NPA (202), NNX (456), (SEE: http://www.freewebs.com/whitehousedirectory/), and produced a list of ALL telephone numbers that are NOT LISTED TO ANYONE at the WHITE HOUSE? What about private direct numbers (listed and unlisted) to the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that are not in NNX 456 and go directly to those who live/work at the White House rather than through the White House switchboard? Does anyone know if anyone has filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request requesting the ENTIRE WHITE HOUSE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY? Since this is public information, it should be available to anyone!
  7. DEVELOPER/PROGRAMMER NEEDED: A crack developer who can create a program to use the telephone plugged into the MAGIC JACK for Caller I.D. Spoofing. The method to use the magic jack for spoofing is set forth in: http://unofficialmagicjack.forum2u.org/ if one uses the "older" Magic Jack program. Ideally, one could enter the ANI number to be displayed on the called person's caller ID through the telephone connected to one's magic jack. Also, it would be nice to have a Windows interface so that the ANI number to be displayed could simply be entered in the windows interface display. P.S. Thanks Dmine45 for the magic jack idea Natas or another developer with his skills might be ideal for this project.
  8. I'd love to have some, but NATAS has BLOCKED personal message from me. Perhaps he will post them. Too bad I can't communicate directly with him! If he cares to send them to me, PERSONALLY, I'd appreciate it.
  9. WANTED: Names (and places where to buy them) of prepaid phone cards which will NOT: 1. Transmit the originating number's ANI 2. and that will NOT indicate "private call" but WILL indicate some other originating caller I.D.
  11. WHO IS BITCHING? It was very nice of Natas to set up the number. He received many compliments from members. I wrote him and asked him exactly how it was set up and he never responded. I wrote him again and he blocked all IM messages. Nobody is "ragging" on someone else. In January 2007 Natas wrote tha he was looking for another provider. PERIOD. Instead of your complaining, why don't you provide programming for setting up what he provided. Certainly he is under no obligation to continue what he has provided for gratis. I think you misinterpreted my message, with all due respect!
  12. Sady, Natas is no longer able to fix the toll-free diverter number or he doesn't care about it; AND, he has apparently blocked any IM messages to him. Does anyone have a TOLL-FREE diverter number that works? Further, I think there are enough people out there who would actually pay a minimum fee for a toll-free diversion number just to keep their privacy. I would be happy to correspond with anyone desiring to set this up (expressing my ideas on how it would work), if we can't get someone to use Asterisk with TRXTEL or NUFONE or some other network to set up what Natas is no longer willing to continue!
  13. GREAT IDEA! THANKS, DUDE! :voteyes: :voteyes: