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  1. Mind making a list of mathmatics you would need to learn from the ground up, if you are willing? Thanks.
  2. Before executing a function, a program pushes all of the parameters for the function onto the stack in the reverse order that they are documented. Then the program issues a call instruction indicating which function it wishes to start. The call instruction does two things. First it pushes the address of the next instruction, which is the return address, onto the stack. Then it modiļ¬es the instruction pointer (%eip) to point to the start of the function. So, at the time the function starts, the stack looks like this (the "top" of the stack is at the bottom on this example): Parameter #N ... Parameter 2 Parameter 1 Return Address <--- (%esp) Kinda not really understanding this, before executing the function the parameters are pushed onto the stack then it is saying that when you use the call instruction it pushes the return address onto the stack. so shouldn't it be: return address parameter 2 parameter 1 This seems more or so FILO in my opinion, maybe I'm not really understanding the stacker pointer. From the book it says that the ESP always contains a pointer to the current top of the stack. So really is the return address just where the pointer inside the ESP directs to? If so when call is executed is it just putting that value into the esp? Not really getting the whole picture here seems like the book is leaving out to much for me to try and piece together myself. Anyways Thanks for any help given, I apperciate it.
  3. I doubt they are gonna turn you in when they are scam artists and probally from a country that is not in "good standings" with the United States(if that's where you are from), hell they probally won't even know they are infected if you do it right. Also I doubt you'd get in trouble for as something as minor as infecting them with a keylogger. However I think it's a waste of time, but that's your choice
  4. I couldn't find any information about Madame Doerin, since she is such World renoun spiritualist don't you think there would be at least one article about her besides from what wicca-mon has posted.. Becareful though, that ring can be dangerous in the hands of a non believer :/
  5. Most of the time the computer manufactures will have drivers for thier models on thier website. If not you could probally find the specifications for your computer by doing some google searching using your model # as a key word.
  6. Skip the chapter on ethics, in my opinion ethics only limit your ability to push the boundaries. Focus more on gaining the skills of programming and networking. I believe once someone masters those skills, then there only limitations in this field are there own immagination.
  7. Nevermind that last question I got it all figured out and all setup to go, but still curious if it's possible for someone to sniff you when your logging into your ssh server via wireless.
  8. Hey, thanks for the information.. I set up a SSH server on a spare computer I have but I still don't understand exactly the point of what port forwarding does. When I connect to my SSH server wouldn't I be getting everything via that computer sort of like a VPN? Also is it possible for someone to sniff when I connect to my SSH server?
  9. I'll be living on campus this fall, and apparently all dorms will have wireless access. I was wondering of what precautions you could take from having people being able to sniff your traffic and view it through programs like Wireshark. I assume it'll just be a open network, so what advice would you have for something like this? Thanks apperciate any advice.
  10. I agree with baby-hack ribs on this one, drop the MPACK idea and pick up a networking or programming book. However, I feel that won't be the case with you so do a little research and google it, shouldn't be to hard to find someone trying to sell it or places to download it. I would be careful about getting scammed and getting infected yourself though. Also can't we all just get along :(
  11. baby-hackribs: Care to elaborate on I just need to be able to block every page ebay has, I know I can use adware or some other type of program, but that isn't going to be possible in this situation. Thanks for the help...
  12. n3xg3n : that seemed to worked I guess the http:// was the problem, thanks m8
  13. I'm having problems using the host file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts to disable webpages, The log: It works with other webpages, also someone with more knowledge might be kind enough to share what I would need to do to block all ebay pages without using software. Thanks alot.
  14. Yeah, acctually I thought of that but it wouldn't work when someone goes to a website via html link.
  15. hmm I dunno if this is even plausible, but I was thinking instead of dealing with program and program interaction and different types of web browsers, couldn't you just take it straight from the packets being sent out from the pc the program is running on. Perhaps through a DNS standard query packet or something?