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  1. php files are interpreted by the websever, so without disabling or uninstalling php; you're not going to get the php source from a webserver. You can however get it from the ftp server. It'll just spit the file out at you, and won't execute it. But a relatively common thing is to configure .php to be interpreted and executed, and configure .phps to be interpreted and colorize with syntax highlighting and output. So if you rename it to .phps (you will need file access to the server to do this) you will be able to see the source by http. So if you're just trying to see the PHP source of a page on some random server you don't control, you're out of luck.
  2. no clue, never used groupwise. But i'm going to say its not impossible to do yourself. Excel is very versitile, especially with the help of some embedded VBA code. A while back I had to import some excel data to an odd data file. What I had to do was make an excel macro to loop through all the rows and pull data and output it to a file someplace. So doing odd data transformations from Excel is not hard. You could probably even do a quick and dirty hack in VBA to do a crapload of sendkeys commands to simulate a whole load of user input. groupwise would not know the difference between you typing the data in and excel simulating it. Because of how long the importer you mentioned takes, I would assume this is the way it works.
  3. i guess sendmail would be the equivelant of apache. I know some folks are violently opposed to it, but as far as I know it is still the most popular.
  4. It entirely depends on your provider. Pick a provider than their website should be able to answer all these questions. Lets say we are talking about vonage with the "unlimited" plan. So you have unlimited calls to the US and Canada. 1. As long as you call inside the area(US & Canada), it is simply a flat rate. 2. There exists what Vonage calls an ATA(Analog Telephone Adapter), you connect this device to a phone and to the network and the phone seems just like a normal telephone connected to your landline. You can use the analog output of this device just like a normal telephone line. This means that you can put a splitter on it and connect 2 phones to it. 3. If you have basic service shut off, you can still connect a phone to the wirepair and dial 911. You can also dial 911 on a cell phone with no service. By FCC regulation, all VoIP providers now have 911 support. The providers require that you keep an up-to-date address on file incase you do dial 911. 4. You would need a separate phone or a phone with 2 lines on it to use both. 5. One of the main gripes with VoIP is uptime. The phone company has a demonstrated uptime of 99.997% or something like that. Your standard internet connection is something like 99%. So you are introducing all this downtime into the mix. If you get a good service provider, it should be alright. Mission critical connections (business phone lines) should probably not go to an VoIP provider. The sound quality is potentially better, but it uses an RTP datastream (which is an UDP connection). So if your network link goes dead for a few milliseconds or your wireless link gets garbled, then you'll have some bumps and gitters in the sound stream.
  5. at some point changing your mac address on windows was as easy as loading up regedit, or running a .reg file. Basically what windows did was when it initialized the network card, it would read the MAC address from it, and store it to the registry. Then instead of querying the NIC every time it was making a packet, it would just look it up in the registry. So you could change this key and all your packets would have a new MAC. disable and re-enable the card and it goes back to normal. I believe this was stopped in one of the service packs, but that's how easy it used to be on a windows computer.
  6. By the way, that is just about the first error you learn how to fix when you start doing php. You should learn php. I will not write code for you anymore. You refuse to learn anything, all you want me to do is write things for you. Learn for yourself, it will help you in the long run. <form method='post'> Name: <input name='Name' type='text' /><br /> Email: <input name='Email' type='text' /><br /> Comment: <input name='Comment' type='text' /><br /> <input type='submit' name='Confirm' /> </form> <?php if(isset($_POST['Name'])) { $filename = "subscribers.txt"; $content = $_POST['Name']."\n".$_POST['Email']."\n".$_POST['Comment']."\n\n\n"; $fp = fopen($filename, "a"); $fw = fwrite( $fp, $content ); fclose( $fp ); if(!$fw) echo "Couldn't write the entry."; else echo "Successfully wrote to the file."; } ?>
  7. You need to output the form somehow. You can either put the html in quotes in an echo statement or outside of the code altogether <form method='post'> Name: <input name='Name' type='text' /><br /> Email: <input name='Email' type='text' /><br /> Comment: <input name='Comment' type='text' /><br /> <input type='submit' name='Confirm' /> </form> <?php if(isset($_POST)) { $filename = "subscribers.txt"; $content = $_POST['Name']."\n".$_POST['Email']."\n".$_POST['Comment']."\n\n\n"; $fp = fopen($filename, "a"); $fw = fwrite( $fp, $content ); fclose( $fp ); if(!$fw) echo "Couldn't write the entry."; else echo "Successfully wrote to the file."; } ?> That should take all the values and save it to disk. If it keeps giving you the "Couldn't write the entry" error then its probably a permissions issue. Try to chmod 777 the file.
  8. The digital cable boxes are kinda wacky. There are a few (4 i think) channels that are allocated for digital data transfers over cable lines. There are more channels that are allocated for digital video signals. I think with modern compression they can shoehorn 10 digital channels into the place of 1 analog channel. Usually channels 2-80something are old fashioned analog video signals (like you could just plug into your tv and get), but then the higher channels are chock full of digital video signals you need the reciever to pull out. If you aren't getting digital TV service (or don't have a compatible reciever) then your fancy digital reciever is basically useless. It should get all the lower channels (2-80something) just fine. If it doesn't, then there's probably a programming menu you can get to somehow with the remote control. Sometimes there is a calibration is has to do where it scans all available channels for signals and will block out channels it didn't see a signal on. So if you do this when everything is hooked up, you should get all the channels with it. But again, it may be useless.
  9. that depends on an aweful lot. The MAC address is an unique address, it identifies the manufacturor, the model, and the specific card itself. They can trace it back to the manufacturor and ask them to look up the speccific card in their records. They will be able to find when it was produced and probably what distributor it went to. Then they can go to the distributor and see if they can track where it went. Then they may be able to track it to the computer manufacturor, who could tell them who they sold it to. If you ordered the computer form them directly, then they may beable to give up the billing information. So its 4 easy hops to find you. But anywhere along that chain may be broken. But if you then bought the computer from someone else, who knows if they can find you. The MAC address is really useful after the fact though. Like if someone reports to the cops that you are using their wifi unauthorized and supply the MAC address you used. And the cops find you and your computer does indeed have that MAC address then you're boned.
  10. i would like to see rouge drivers. The concept of drivers for makeup intrigues me. Perhaps we can even find rogue rouge drivers.
  11. no you don't have or need drivers for your speakers. You could hook up headphones, and your computer has no idea. If your computer beeps out through them then they are physically connected and your soundcard is probably working. Try playing a .wav or .midi file on your computer. If those work then download winamp or something to play audio. What have you tried to make you think you need to "install" your speakers? If not, then you may need to install the drivers for your sound card. Crack open the case or google the computer model and/or motherbord to figure out what sound card you have and go to their website and install the drivers from there. Remember: soundcard = something inside the case of the computer. speakers = a passive audio output device
  12. Your messages are probably not going over a satellite. At the moment, my laptop is connected wirelessly. Would this mean that all emails i send from here would be text messages? I define the difference as the endpoint identification. One uses the user@domain notation and the other uses a numeric one. Other than that they are both electronic messaging systems.
  13. yeah, but Frankenfurter can then be stopped by drSCOTT.
  14. some thread on this forum mentioned a free php host. search for it. anyway, get a real webhost, you can get a more than decent legitimate webhost for less than $10 a month. even a high school kid can afford that.
  15. It has to be installed on a server with a valid MTA (Mail Transit Agent) defined. So install sendmail, or move it to a real host with php on it.