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  1. interesting article
  2. what does that mean?
  3. did you ever have any luck with hacking into powerschool?
  4. Well - here is my problem... I have pretty much unlimited access to the powerschool database at an elementary school. I want access to the powerschool database at a different school I know what the school uses for the login user names and as for the passwords - the user could change it to anything after thier account is set up. I also know that the username is seperated from the password using a semicolon ie. - nthompson;applecomp I have: powerschool training guide powerschool server (got a copy from the server room) powergrade application all kinds of back-up info - I dunno how to use any of it at least a stack of papers an inch thick about powerschool the ip address for administrators, students, and teachers Can someone please tell me where I can begin to use the info that I have to gain access to a different school