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  1. Ok sounds good, where do you reccomend I get knock-off FXO cards? -Jamie
  2. In a contract with Sprint PCS untill the end of time. I really am happy with them since they give me data... cheap. I also like my phone and their coverage is great. I am not much of a Nextel fan since their coverage isn't all that it's cracked up to be around here. Having two Sprint PCS phones isn't a probelm. My parents got my brother a line and he never uses it, so I don't think my parents would notice if I hijacked it. I already have a Vonage line for my private use. God I spend to my money on Telephony. Well thanks nTheory. -Protrex
  3. Copper will be the main way that data and voice flows "the last mile" to our homes for many years into the future. The reality is that COs will go digital, as packets are easier to deal with than circuits. I love my VOIP, I love my cell phone, but I will always have a POTS line to my name since it always works. When the POTS doesn't work, it will be a grim day. -Protrex
  4. Thats a great idea, but of course I just wanted to use it for free phone calls. You, of course could always load the cellsockets with V120/V60 Tracfones with the Airtime meters "modified". That would most likley be a more reliable way to get your lines than cloning. Espically since cloning tends not to work in these digital days. I would use this equipment setup: Computer: VIA Mini-ITX Motherboard ($100) Mini-ITX Case/Power Supply ($50) 512MB Ram ($50) 20GB HD ($30) TDM40B: TDM400P + 4 Port FXS Bundle ($305) Phonelines: 4 Tracfone V120t/c (Wal-Mart $55 ea) 4 Cellsocket V120 (eBay $100 ea) Casing: Suitcase/Flight Case/Tub/Box ($25) You could drop the box in a warehouse, storage unit, enemys garage, or anywhere there is power and cellular coverage. It could be very quiet, if you could boot the Mini-ITX board off of a Compact Flash card the device would be perfectly silent. With this box you could do some maddd call routing. Nobody would be able to figure out where you were calling from if you routed your calls right, activated the tracfones from payphones after buying them cash and carry, and rubbed everything down for fingerprints. These boxes could wreak havok. -Protrex
  5. I am currently a Sprint PCS customer, I have serveral add-a-phone lines all with Unlimited PCS2PCS minutes. I was listening to lucky talking about using CID/CPN spoofing so people can get free unlimited cellular calling. I think that this is a great idea, but it has its drawbacks, as a siginificant investment in time, money, and bandwidth would have to be put into it in order to make it work. Then it could be disabled by Spinrt/T-Mobile/Verizon at any second. I was thinking about doing something like this. Will it work? Anyone have any basic guides on how-to do it? I will get a Motorola V120c for Sprint PCS cheap, they are an old phone and can be had for a very low price ($40). I will put it on my Sprint PCS account in place of a current phone on the account. I will then purchase a Cellsocket adaptor which provides a standard RJ11 with a dialtone. The phone rings the phoneline normally and provides callerid information to the phones plugged into the line ($60). I will plug the cellsocket into a 2-Line (FXS???) Analog card on an asterisk box I will build for parts which I already have (Cost ?? - Mainly the Analog Card) I will plug the second line of the Analog card into my existing vonage line. This will give my asterisk box unlimited access to the PSTN. In theory, if this worked, I would be able to call the phone in the CellSocket from my SprintPCS Phone (For Free w/ Unlimited PCS2PCS) and have the Asterisk box pick up the phone. I would then enter an authorization code and be given direct access to my vonage dialtone where I could dialout to any number around the country. With this I would also have the potential of using the CID Spoofing scripts along with a IAX carrier to spoof my Caller-ID remotley from my cell phone. Is this possible? How hard would it be for a n00b to configure this? I do have basic linux expirience and am good at computer networking. Thanks, Protrex
  6. I was the one who mentioned it on the show, PM me or call my phone @ 713-854-3142 and leave a VM I heard about this on Default Radio -Protrex
  7. If it goes well and you have another one in July/August I will be there. I will be getting my licence Mid-June... so.. sorry I won't be there, but have a good time. -Protrex
  8. I'm outside of Hartford, which means I probably cannot come... unless I get my licence soon. I'm 16 and i'm a lamer w/o a licence. -Jamie