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  1. Greetings. I'm interested in programming (currently improving my C and then I expect to go into ASM, but I've pretty much mastered PHP/SQL and Perl as much I wish to atm), networking, graphics, and very much computer security. I also like photography, animals, music, science, etc. Edit: also retail-hacking Edit2: forgive my English errors, Polish is my first language. I'm also learning some Spanish.
  2. What do you mean? Like a word list generator? Yeah, when compiled, it would be like this: a aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj and so on. It would go up to lets say, 8 letters, so once it reached azzzzzzz, it would go to b, That'd be alright, but, I think instead of starting 1 letter, it should start at 3 letters, as most passwords are required to be atleast 3 chars long.. and there's quite a few that are more than 8 letters, plus it'd have a lot of excess combinations, such as: "lkgjkuol", who's going to use something like that? /me post more later, but I'm running out to the store real quick
  3. md5

    It doesn't really crack, as it just searches a database for the md5 hash you entered. Try entering 30066e8abd96d5e641264cdc0eadbbe2 ... exactly, nothing, because the database doesn't have dfgdppoigdg00 or whatever I used that resulted in giving 30066e8abd96d5e641264cdc0eadbbe2
  4. I say yes..