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  1. Saw a post that mentioned a bootable Linux CD - "Emergency Recovery CD" is how it was referred to, and he said it contained some useful Windows utils. Where might I find a copy of this?
  2. Kind words of encouragement. Thanks. I manage a network at a doctor's office, and the medical records package requires Windows Server and Windows clients; therefore, migrating fully to Linux is not an option. BUT - knowing a few tricks - such as cloning drives or retrieving seemingly irretrievable data from a corrupt XP drive via a Linux utility - is a good thing. Makes me a better, more well-rounded person.
  3. You guys rock - thanks. Are there different versions of the Backtrack CD? The one I have is labeled as "Network Security" or something like that. I was able to boot from the Backtrack CD, access the file system of the drive in question, and copy files from it to a freakin USB thumb/jump drive. Had no idea that Backtrack would recognize the usb drive, load drivers for it, and make it accessible. When slaving this drive to a functioning XP system, though, all I got was a graphical "chkdsk" that ran for hours and listed everything as unreadable. Have I pissed away 19 years of my life being devoted to Microsoft, and not learning Linux?
  4. I'm trying to run "chkdsk /r" on a drive with XP installed - booting from the XP install CD and getting to a command line. I'm afraid the drive is in pretty bad shape - it hasn't passed 29% completion before crapping out. I was wondering if there was a Linux-based alternative to that - a bootable Linux CD with a "chkdsk" or "scandisk" equivalent. Does Backtrack have that built in somewhere? I'm essentially a Linux idiot - I have downloaded Backtrack and burned the ISO, and have even booted from it. I'm guessing that I can find the functionality if someone can point me in the right direction.....