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  1. eek...forgot he had his own site thnx
  2. Hi all Hopefuly, this is the right subforum for the question I'm listening to the presentation(mp3) about AS/400 and I can hear Stank's showing a video to the people watching there. So I was wondering where can I dinf that same video and maybe a powerpoint presentaton if there is one. Thnx
  3. I'd just add that if you run into a problem concerning Ubuntu, go to the official forum. People are(mostly) friendly and they answer real fast
  4. Mitnick sure had guts to do all that, lol
  5. tor Hmm...sounds ok *shrug*...what do you think?
  6. "Windows Users Have Fewer Vulnerabilities Forrester (March 2004): "Is Linux More Secure Than Windows?" by Laura Koetzle with Charles Rutstein, Natalie Lambert, and Stephan Wenninger. After collecting a year's worth of vulnerability data for this non-sponsored report, Forrester then analyzed Windows and four key Linux distributors on metrics about responsiveness to vulnerabilities, severity of vulnerabilities, and thoroughness in fixing flaws. " Umm..rant? I got into a rant with my friend about what's better As in is open-source better then comercial etc.. And is Linux more stable then Windows....please enlighten me oppinions and explanations please? Thank you
  7. Umm..only sometimes?
  8. Who cares who's rapping or singing the intro... I, personally, like the intro and hope it'll stay the way it is.... Stank, :voteyes: for intro P.S. Hey Aali
  9. He's not? I always thought the same about Stank...oh well, atleast your voice is made for radio, IMHO, Stank :voteyes:
  10. Aww.. Too bad.....thnx, anyway
  11. Hi... I was wondering...does anyone know what happened to As I remember, it was a good site with many good texts(irc lectures, books, etc.) It's down for like a month now...anyone know why? Thnx
  12. Hello Like the topis says, I'm here to introduce myself. I'm a newb( ) so I doubt I'll be of some help for now. The community on this forum looks great, funny and friendly(probably why I joined ) I'll definetly(spelling?) learn much here and I hope I'll be useful in the future.. I guess that's all from me for my 1st post *waves* P.S. Btw. can I change what it says under my name or that changes as I post more? P.S.S. My name is red like the word fog; it doesn't stand for anything (who cares, eh? )