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  1. One day I'll get round to trying some Python, it has some good libaries for web scraping.
  2. ^ For fuck sake lol.
  3. You can get IP camers bro, they have their own little webserver built in. Allow remote viewing, pan/tilt and you can even speak to the room through them.
  4. Hi.
  5. Basically I'm opening a shop in the near future, and want a box running 24/7 which does the following: 1) Runs a VOIP system. There will be a normal POTS landline coming in FX0/5 card required yes?), and I want to: Record all calls made in/internally/out. On incoming calls play a "This call we be recorded for training and legal purposes" message to the caller. Save voicemails Gather any intelligence/data I can on the calls, ie do a 1471 and log the result to CSV/XML/whatever. Have 2 phones for use in the shop, 1 hard-wired to the counter/box, one cordless. 2) Run a CCTV system: I have been looking at these IP cameras: Link I'm planning of having 4 of these. I'd like to: Record visual/audio 24/7 and upload that footage via SFTP to a remote server Motion detector activation sends me an email View/operate all the cameras via Andoid mobile. Anyone done anything like this? Would prefer this to run on a Debian/Ubuntu box, but Windows wouldn't be an issue at all. Thanks for any advice, hope that all makes sense, bit of a hectic night last night EDIT - This will be UK based perhaps I should mention to.
  6. Has you seen a big change in speed? I want one to soon, but am (paranoid?) about there being a higher failure rate with them compared to HDDs.
  7. There are lots of email lists available on torrent sites, some with millions of emails in. Write a script and line by line remove the @ symbol and anything else after it.
  8. Plus one for PHP. I'd also suggest JavaScript, but it's a client side language. I'd go for PHP, its Object Orientated.
  9. I've never had any problem accessing here on an unregistered PAYG broadband dongle (3 network).
  10. Check this thread out, everyone got hit: http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php/topic/43737-rar-file-password/page__pid__354985#entry354985 IMO the vBulletin rep system is better as you have to rep a few people before you can rep the same person again. Plus it automatically shows who left you rep, commented or not.
  11. Thanks guys, some good ones there, will give them a blast over the next week or so once the codings been completed. Appreciated.
  12. I'm just creating an eCommerce site from scratch using PHP/MySQL and I'm doing my best to cover all angles, but I'm not to knowledgeable about cracking. I'm not too worried about vulnerabilities on the server as it's with a large well known hosting company, so I hope they've got that side of things covered, but with regards to my app I might well of made some mistakes. Can anyone recommend some tools I can use against the site to test for vulnerabilities? I'm running it on a LAMP stack on localhost at present, so if I could run the tests whilst it's hosted on that it would be nice. Don't mind what OS, just looking for advice/tips really. Thanks a lot
  13. GNOME to, couldn't get on with Unity. To be fair I gave up on it went it was first made default with Ubuntu, it's probably much more stable now, but none the less I like GNOME and see no reason to change.
  14. Thanks guys. It's with 02 which is a UK based company. I doubt I'll be able to get a subpoena though, I'll check this out though. Appreciated.
  15. 'Sup Binrev'rs Need some help. I have a Samsung G600 mobile/cell phone and I deleted a load of text messages off the phone a few weeks back. The phone holds 50 texts on the sim card, and 150 in the phone. Now I need to recover these text messages for a court case. I've tried connecting the phone to my Ubuntu PC via the USB cable, and when I show hidden files, I can recover deleted pictures, but the text messages are no where to be seen. I really need to recover these, and so am hoping some of your guys could point me in the right direction on how to get them back. I could really do with the date/time the messages where sent/received to, but beggars can't be choosers and all that. Newbie to all this, looking around suggests I need a sim card reader, which I don't have, but will get one if it's needed. Any ideas at all? Would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.