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  1. As you all probably know by now, the "infinite solutions" video on youtube showing how to get into the GoogleTV beta was a fake. what I want to know is how he did it. becuase you clearly see the webadress on the top of the bar as and the layout and the fonts all look like google things I said before how would one go about doing this?
  2. \The Retail version has already been cracked (permanently) it stops the windows vista countdown timer permanently (and still lets you use WGA stuff)
  3. DirectX9L (I think its called) is Direct X10 for XP. it will come out sometime next year along with Windows XP SP3. AS for the windows vista being a complete overhaul of windows they are right, instead of having 3 states (on,off,crash) it will have 4 (on,off,hog up system resources,crash) Microsoft will ALWAYS make incomplete software so they can get people to buy the tech support, and also when they release the Service packs or expansion packs people are like WOW! Microsoft is dedicated to keeping its operating systems as least buggy as possible!, than there is the fact that without microsoft we wouldn't have anti-virus/anti-spyware companies. (that make virus' and spyware respectivley) if you don't believe me that anti-spyware companies make spyware? get Ad Aware Professional run a scan and TADA you now have spyware that ad aware can't remove.
  4. Vista will get hacked within a week of its offical release. beginning with the basic, and at the end of the month Ulitmate will be hacked.
  5. dial 510-pop-corn to get the Pacific standard time.
  6. its too late for that... people already have the code copied, if he posted the hex it would be complete and people would spam it. thus eliminating its usefulnes, I say we also re-name the thread because I found this thread on google. F0t0h Buhket byepass would be a better name for it.