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  1. And you wonder why those kind of people are even allowed to operate a computer... there is a good reason: so that they break them. and then we go out and repair them for cash.
  2. as far as i can remember, you dont need a boot disk, if you want to install winXP. At startup you need to put the disk into the cdrom drive. Also you might want to change you bios settings and put your primary boot drive to cdrom
  3. If you want silence, then you can make your fans slower, but then you would need more fans. Also, i heard, that on some video cards it is possible to put two heat sinks on them (one on top one on bottom) then there might not be a need for a fan. Or you can get yourself those massive heatsinks, where you can glue on fans like crazy
  4. But i don't think, that old cell phones get thrown away. I think they recycle them. especially the battery.
  5. now, they ask you the security question, right? I don't know if this would work, but: First you call up AOL when someome picks up you ask to get transfered to somone (Bob) else who is a tech support. Then when you are talking to Bob you say, that the other guy was about to change your password, (right after you told him the answer), but something happened like his computer crapped up or something and he had to transfer you to someone else. Then if you are lucky, he will not ask you the question again. Now it very unlikely that it will work, since i dont really know what the whole process is. Also it might help if you seem angry and out of time.
  6. Thats actually a pretty good idea. But can you connect them to the phone line in your room without any problem? Do you need a special adapter or something
  7. You can try and get some overclocking software and set it to infinity. But in most cases the computer just freezes instead of the motherboard going up in flame.
  8. You know, it might even be legal (correct me if I'm wrong), aside tha fact, that Suprnova is a warez site. All they do is selling the link. It's like me saying: I give you the url of an awesome freepr0n site for 5 bucks.
  9. I looked at the compostion, and saw (i think) that it contained quite a lot of organic material. Couldn't you theoretically use a base that desolves it. Then you wouldn't have to use acid that eats away your bathtub. (but watch your hands)
  10. If it's easy to steal cookies, shouldn't the browser then encrypt the cookies? You know, make an encryption out of a password or something.
  11. Quantum Computer? Aren't those those hings, that use light instead of switches?
  12. couldn't you call up the manufacturer and SE them into telling you, what glue that is and who makes this kind of glue. (like asking if its save or making something else up) then once you get the info, call up the glue manufacturer and say u glued ur hand to ur balls and need a solvant
  13. are those magnets any good? I mean are they strong?
  14. But they are only fired, if they are unwilling to relocate, so i guess, that Kevin is most likely gonna move.
  15. I found it was actually pretty good. I liked the wardriving stuff, since I am not fortunate enough to have been wardriving myself. To get around the shaking camera while pointed at latop: Aren't there ceratin programs, that let you record your desktop as a video?
  16. I live in canada too, In Manitoba to be exact and I'm not happy about it. Haven't seen many positive things in the 2 years that i have lived here.