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  1. hmm, in germany games are banned for too much violence or other content. But as soon as it becomes banned, it becomes a must-have item for teenagers I bet that Rockstar put that in there on purpose. As a marketing trick. It wouldn't surprise me if they actually put the patch out there themselves, as soon as sales started to go down.
  2. I too, can take a children game and edit some spicy dialogue into it. Will that make that game rated Adults only?
  3. lets create a goatse fansite and see, how they are going to target that
  4. If it is just a light switch that turns the fireplace on or off (we have the same thing and I just checked), you can just go to Home Depot (or equivalent) and ask for a remote control light switch (I am positive they have something like this ready made). If they don't have those in stock, they might be able to order them for you. If not you can always try radio shack.
  5. One of those church signs:
  6. You could go into a local electronics store and ask for wireless reciever/transmitter. Assuming the guys there know their stuff, they should be able to give you all kinds of options.
  7. sounds to me like one of those: make money by looking at ads thing. Word of advice: they don't work. Someone I know wasted a shitload of time on those. Didn't recieve a penny. Sucker.
  8. I too am in 780.
  9. Hmm... Somehow i feel you are right, but since this: Is what's left of my laptop, i don't have that option . ← you are lucky, now you can build the projector out of and lcd and an overhead projector: better link:
  10. It was truely great, it was like havigng sex with a woman, you didn't have to pay for
  11. When I was writing my own shoutbox in php recently, I found out, that you can put in any html you want, if the developer didn't take any neccessary precautions.
  12. In this article they make him look like a script kiddie. But how the fuck did he then get into the US gouvernment network? They don't take security very seriously, seems to me.
  13. I have the same problem some time, after opening too many windows and tabs the computer slows down horribly. But how else are you gonna pr0n surf?
  14. One thing that i wanted to know: Has anyone ever managed to read something in their sleep? Because everytime i am able to read in a dream i have to concentrate very hard. And even then, it's as if the letters move and i cannot get any information out of the text.
  15. also it would be cheaper, if you could assemble the computer yourself, since the store always charges a little bit extra for that.
  16. I read somewhere, that for being able to lucid dream, you need to remember your dreams. To do that , one good technique is to try to remember and write down your dreams, after you wake up. I tried it. But it didn't really work out.
  17. I saw him on Treehouse Tv. just kidding. I wanted to watch that and had hoped, that Stank would post something in the forums to tell us, when it is going to be on.
  18. if its any consolation to you: screensavers sucks pretty badly. It would really interest me, if i could see the number of hits from a couple days before and the number of hits for today.
  19. what about those people, who have no choice but to use IE, because their computer is too slow?. This is one bad idea.
  20. This one seems to be glowing. Deffinetly, not something you want to look at when you are tired. But i guess i could get used to it.
  21. when i had a cellphone in Germany, they wouldn't allow me to make any international phonecalls either. In order to do that, i had to sign up for international calling first. I didn't do it though
  22. i heard that story too, but am pretty sure, that that was a fake. made up to give wardriving a bad name. because then people would associate child porn with wardriving.
  23. damn they are expenseive. it would be easier to get into a car and drive as far north as you can and just pick them up.
  24. i have the same problem, with my brother. When he leaves for work he starts like 10 downloads. and i have to use the net with a maximum of 5kbps. Isn't there a program, that i can install at his computer and limit the amount of bandwidth that he uses. I mean i could just go up to his computer and physically disconnect him when he is gone, but i dont want to be too much of an ass, since he is paying for it.
  25. if that game is form the DOS times, you can start it in dos mode. But you wil have to find mouse and soundcard dos drivers first. EDIT: oops wrong old game