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    Just out of curiosity: If you have a user blocked. And someone quotes that user. Will you be able to see the quote?
  2. <insert droops rant about what piracy is here.> A couple of people should rent a boat, take it to one of those MPAA executives yacht, and show them what real piracy is. That will be free education.
  3. did you happen to catch the name of the worm, when you removed it? Because if you did, you can google for it. For most of them there is a file that you can download, that will remove the specific worm. Alse try checking Start->Run->msconfig, sometimes it is is in the "Startup" option. You can disable it there by clicking on the checkmark. Also you will find the path of where the malicious file is located. Some Windows editions don't come with msconfig, but you can easily find them on the internet.
  4. from what I have heard, yo ucan get keyboards for next to nothing at a thrift store. Also depending on what kind of keybaord you have, you can pry away a couple of keys and look, how to possibly fix it. (maybe just clean it)
  5. WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMP IF KEYBOARD CONNECTED TO LAPTOP I felt I had to mention that. How can you type, if all the keys are not working?
  6. on this one side it tells me: Left-click only when I right click, yet it continues to bring up the menu. Why is that? And if it won't let you right-click to view the source, just go to View->Page Source
  7. Thats almost always a lame javascript trick, just wget the page. ← how does this "lame javascript trick" work?
  8. nice little tutorial that I used, way back (gives explanations for different OS)
  9. this one is not too shabby:
  10. I seem to be online: thegreatmausa [at] someone test massage me please. thanks
  11. google is trying to expand into the phishing and spamming community. Very interesting, taking over the world, one thing at a time...
  12. Whenever I used Win98 and my CPU overheated, then after I restarted my box, without waiting for it to cool down, it would give me a "Protection Error". I would have to wait a little bit until it would start without giving me that error. Did you encounter anything of that kind.
  13. Stank had to fight those kinds of people every day. He just didn't give a fuck.
  14. That is the exact tutorial that I used to get me into php. It is pretty good, and breaks it down, for someone like me.
  15. Don't think about it IronGeek, you have been on the internet long before any of them hit puberty. Bunch of bastard elitists who don't know shit.
  16. I have all kinds of metal working tools at work. What kind of metal did you use. I imagine it to be thin, yet robust. (give approximate dimensions please). I just might make me some lock picks during a slow work preiod. Are all those toolos useful, or could you mostly get away with just one basic hook tool?
  17. Elaborate on success.
  18. Kind of make sme wonder what would happen if you were to send requests with the servers ip address as the reciepient of the data. What would happen then. You would not recieve anything, but couldn't you DoS someone with that?
  19. I too am very interested, and might even contribute with some code myself, once someone gets some decent tutorials out there. Please add me to the mailing list thegreatmausa[at]gmail[dot]com
  20. I would be careful with blackbox. Last time I installed it, I really liked it, but after some time it crashed when starting up. Since I have win2000, I was able to fix it, by bringing up the task manager and then running explorer. From there I was able to remove blackbox, but it was still a pain in the ass.
  21. random thought: i for some reason knew, that Strom would take over the show. How I knew, I do not know. It is hard to judge the shows produced so far. I haven't listened to today's show yet, but the 3 previous shows were hard to judge: -(105) first show was an introduction episode and you guys were exploring. -(106) second show was an explanation of Defcon. I personally liked the stories, that you had to tell. I also liked the choice of guests, who also contributed in a good way, by being able to share their experiences. -(107) post defcon review. I too liked those stories and the brief explanation of some of the topics that were presented. It is understandable, that you guys just came home and were tired. It is yet too early to compare you to from when stank was running the show, because you have yet got to have a show with a main technical topic. If you want a guide line of what a good technical episode is, take a look at the Asterisk episode. I loved it. Overall I think you guys are doing a great job and have faith, that you won't let the listeners down.
  22. maybe instead of taking down their sites, you should just shower them with garbage information. Make a generator, that makes plausible sounding loginnames and passwords.
  23. burning your shit will be obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. Also you risk setting your house on fire. Then you will be even in deeper shit than before.
  24. does it say why the connection was refused?
  25. first use google then: /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL after you are registered everytime you start irc you have to type in: /msg nickserv identify PASSWORD