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  1. in order to make a universal translator, you should first create some kind of algorithm. Which then can be adapted to any language. You don't really need more than two or three different languages during the developing sstages of this algorithm
  2. it depends whether you know any other programming languages. If you are completly new to programming it will take you quite a while to learn all the new concepts.
  3. the easiest way to test whether this is true is put different links to different programs called notepad.exe into these various folders and see which one gets opened up first. If this is true and you want to find out what the second directory is, just remove "notepad.exe" from the first directory.
  4. I heard that there was a horror movie supposed to come out that day. I don't know the details, all I know is that it is either a remake or the continuation of an old horror movie series.
  5. doesn't anyone see the problem, that when you walk through mud or shit the phone becomes unusable, until you wash the sole.
  6. if you want the bath file to start up when the computer boots, then just put it into the "Startup" folder in your start Menu. If you want it to start program, then just navigate via command line commands to the executable. Example: you want to start c:\program\startExapmple.exe your batch file would look something along the lines of: c: //<--if you are not already on the c drive cd program startExample
  7. .

    i actaully laughed. I haerd about it in a movie, but was never able to find it by myself.
  8. if you have spare parts, try replacing the RAM and see if it starts then.
  9. do you have a router? You might have to forward the correct ports to your computer.
  10. so if it delets this program, won't the teacher notice, that it is gone and that he cannot acess your computer's screen anymore?
  11. the best part to learn about sql injection would be to learn about sql and how to create a database add/remove items and then search and retrieve items. Once you know how to do that you can look at a field where you input data and think of a way to input a string that will give you access to other datafields.
  12. Couldn't you technicaly just write up an order from a company, that says that they are sending you to some small village? Make it look nice and formal. If making up a company name and then writting a contract in that fake name is illegal, then just ask a friend with a small business to write you one. Or you could start a business and not do anything with that business, the only purpose of it would be to get you out of cellphone contracts that you don't like.
  13. Is it hard to unlock a Nokia 3210? I still have one from forever ago. I wouldn't mind using it, but it is locked and would only work with a specific german cell phone provider.
  14. people keep wondering how they got so much spam. And here they have numerous email addresses in plain text, just ripe for the taking.
  15. Nah, dont stop talking to me, irc and forums are the only things keeping from going insane with stress and annoyance. But as long as im not getting charged, im happy. ← we don't have anything to worry about, it is not like anyone here is doing anything illegal.
  16. it says in about 5 years. Sounds reasonable.
  17. whenever something like that happens to me, I always take out the RAM and put it back again. Sometimes it just needs a little bit cleaning.
  18. For these kinds of things I use:
  19. it says on their site, that they will be available in 2006.
  20. if you really want to help your friend, stay in school and earn enough for the both of you.
  21. people, books are really not that expensive (assuming we are not talking about text-books or books on oprah's bestseller list). When you walk into a bookstore you will find an enormous amount of books for under $10. There is really no need to pirate them, unless you can't get them anywhere else.
  22. can you give more info, about the computer that you were running it on, like: what windows and what service pack
  23. I think it is pretty important, that a couple of people sit down and write open source text books, especially with the proce of text books being where they are now. But because of copyright issues, we would have to make sure, that the authors don't just copy from an existing text book. Maybe we can start wrting a calculus text book on docdroppers.
  24. depending how crafty you are, you can always build a projector out of the lcd screen and an overhead projector.:
  25. tsk tsk tsk, kids remember newton's third law :nono: . You won't be able to do shit.