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  1. Technician class. I was into it, but down here in this college town its all old pissed off men. All they wanna do is talk politics and comment on how old they are. I don't plan on getting a better license, simply because I have heard some of the fucking idiots on 11m pushing 100 watts, though that may be those sideband CB guys with their linear amps. It just really pisses me off. Back in my home town the guys are cool and supportive, but down here their all faggots. No wonder the youth doesn't get involved. On the other hand, I am an active weather spotter, so at least I get to drive around and look for tornados when the local authorities would stop anyone else. All in good fun. Weather spotting was probably the main reason I got into it. That and trying to avoid getting a minor at parties. Great incentives, I know.
  2. There are some really good guides to learning vi/vim. I think vimtutor is a really nice program. If your on ubuntu, install vimtutor and go to town (either in its own package or its in vim-full, cant remember). Other people really like emacs and it may be more suited to you. If you are going to use vim, i recommend making sure you have vim-full installed. I would also recommend turning syntax on. (Makes the screen look like a christmas tree. YAY!)
  3. Why not just get some portable files, grab an ssh account that supports tunneling, set up putty and Firefox and just encrypt the whole deal. The only packet filtering can throttle you and the only way it can be foiled is if they block encryption completely. If they block all port 22 traffic and you happen to have your own ssh server, just change the ports to something unblocked like 8080. Surely your school wouldn't block SSL. On the other hand, why in the FUCK is it important to access 4chan during school. IMHO, your at school for a reason, to learn. Unless you have a legitimate need to access stuff that is blocked, there should be no need to do this during school, versus in your own free time. Plus, any legitimate info you'll need shouldn't be a problem if you talk to your sysadmin.
  4. I go to a university here in the US, so I am not sure if this applies across the pond. I do know that I didn't have to interview to get into school though. A firm hold on C++ and Java would be very beneficial. I know that we do a lot of C++ and Java and every once in awhile we hit on XHtml, PHP, Javascript, etc. Also, if you are going to showcase any of your code, make sure it is well commented. One thing I did learn by looking at my past code and spending hours trying to figure out wtf I was thinking, comments would have saved me a lot of time making minor changes to my code. That said, my code was completely uncommented and it would have probably been faster to just rewrite it. ... And pay attention in math class, especially if you are taking Calculus.
  5. What is happening is the program is returning 0, which returns to the shell (command prompt), which then sees there is nothing to do and closes. Open up command prompt (start->run and type 'cmd') then navigate to where the compiled exe is located. Once in the correct directory, type the program's name and voila, you see your program works fine. On another note, I thought there used to be an option (buried in the menus) that would pause the command prompt when the program was finished executing.
  6. I took web design at my high school for 3 years. It was a joke. Me and my buddy did the pages in 5 minutes and went back to playing counter-strike. The teacher didn't care, because we got everything in a very orderly and efficient manner. We were conned into inputting the standardized test grades into an excel spreadsheet. But yes, THAT class was a joke, But it was nice, since I didn't have a study hall. It would have been nice to take an office class. Now, studying for engineering, we use excel for tons of different purposes. And knowing word for those gay gen-ed classes is a plus. While it may seem boring as fuck, I found myself re-learning office because of the new layout in 2007. As lame as a class it would be, it would still b helpful. I took a vocational A+ class my senior year. We didn't learn shit about the info on the A+ cert exam. I was the only on to pass. We did learn about IRQs, memory addressing, the components of the motherboard (northbridge, southbridge), binary anding and all sorts of interesting stuff. While most of the kids didn't take much away form the class (they didn't care), my teacher was still an intelligent guy. He was a musician and an apple tech before he came tot he school to teach. He taught a lot about dealing with customers and basic business operations, which has already come in handy since i work for the techology services at my university. The greatest part of the class was diving headfirst into electronics. We learned basic DC and discussed the principles of vacuum tubes and all sorts of wicked ideas. We discussed a lot of cool concepts. Even though I am the only one who get certified, I still think the kids who payed attention learned a shit load. We went above and beyond the lame A+ expectations, and I look upon my A+ cert with scorn. IMHO, any fucknut who has used windows can get certified. Lastly, the idea of a computer class is to teach kids about computers. You don't expect them to know how to program when they come into the class. Most of them are ignorant and simply don't give a fuck. Sorry to be grammatically gay, for my southern indiana slang, and my shitty typing accuracy. Hope this helps, Zraith
  7. My buddy has an Alienware named Megatron. My desktop box is called TheBlackPearl because its a conservative black box with only one led (minus the NIC card). My laptop is TheLocker, another Pirates of the Carribean name. I'm a big fan. And my old lap is simply named Lappy, seeing as I was less creative back then. Down here in Southern Indiana where us rednecks and white trash live, we even have names for our cars or anything we use on a daily basis(for the most part.) Zraith
  8. For those you you who can't get the link to work: There's a colon appended on the end. http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/security/soa/...9292431,00.htm
  9. You now get one post per year. </threadjack>
  10. What I am saying is, I installed Vista 32 bit Ultimate, System Information only showed 2.75 GB ram. I'm aware that 32 bit machines can store up to 4 GB of ram, with some of it going to device drivers, etc. But I still seem to think I should be getting better that that. Anyway, Ubuntu detected all 4. Plus, I wasn't aware that my 8600gt sapped a gig of ram. It has 512 mb of its own. And yes, I have a 64 bit processor. Ok, I exagerated on the printer driver. http://www.siliconguide.com/drivers/device/470/ It was only 42 MB... But thats insane for a driver IMHO. I'm sorry for whatever made you fell you had to lash out. Have a nice day. Zraith
  11. I don't have a problem with either. Though I still use XP, I get plenty of Vista working for the IT sector at my university. I *HAD* vista on my dv6000 that ships with Vista. After a project where i uninstalled Vista premium, I tried to install it again. Its worked for about three days, then gave me hal.dll errors, etc. Replacing Hal.dll didn't fix it. I threw Gutsy Gibbon on it, installed WINE and away I went. I can run all my games with better FPS, a smaller footprint, and reliability. The best part, my HP printer installed automatically when I plugged it in, I didn't have to download the 150 MB driver pack. In the end, I found Ubuntu to have better hardware support than vista, in my case at least. Not to bash on Vista, but the footprint sucks, especially if I still can not even use all 4 gigs of ram. That's ridiculous. And, as I am a student, I am not to go out and spend 400 dollars on Visa Ultimate 64 bit. While I still run XP dual booted on all but one of my machines, Vista just isn't polished enough for me. That's my two cents. Zraith
  12. I'm wouldn't mind going. I really don't have many friends that would be interested in going. That said, would anyone mind rooming together? I would most likely go if I can find someone to room with. Thanks, Zraith
  13. I just received my A+ cert in may. It's two tests and its really easy. It doesn't ask anything about the Application Layer Gateway or IRQs, etc. Basically, you have to know what the different types of RAM are and physically idenify them, and know every possible way to get to certain 'applications' in windows. For example, regedit32 for win2000 vs regedit for XP. The questions I had missed were all requarding getting to certain menus or aps in widows.
  14. How secure does that make windows(The house ones)?
  15. Try holding down Ctrl+Alt the F2. If you get a console login screen, we could narrow it down to (Most likely) your video card. Give that a try. If there is no login screen, then you box most likely isn't booting because the boot loader is fudged up. Good Luck, Zraith
  16. So... if there are legal ramifications.... it will all be tehbizz's fault? That's who I'll blame... Congrats guys!
  17. I have been working on this problem. It seems in order for the kernel version of the diver depends on hw_random. In about 1999 Intel stopped putting random hardware support in their newer chipsets. So, right now am tryin to find a i810 or a i915 driver tat does not require intel's hw_random as a depenecy... i will let you know of my luck.
  18. I have a tv antenna(one of tose big towers that sit next to the house) with a "rotater"(for lack of a better word.) The antenna itself, used for tv, may possibly be a yagi or jsut a plain-jane tv antenna. I was wondering what ould hppen if i took some sort of adaptop and hooked up to my hanheld. Would this work with a regular tv antenna, or would i have to buy and replace the tv antenna with a yagi. A Lonely HAM who wants Range, Zraith I apologize for ll typing msitakes
  19. DocDroppers! /me Takes over pimpin' projects, since stank left.
  20. I started with Slackware. And since then i have reverted back to Slackware. The PLAIN truth is, if you are here to learn, use SLACKWARE. It WILL teach you, most likely a LOT. SLACKWARE, in my humble, humble opinion, IS the best software for BEGINNERS. IF you are a BEGINNER, you can always ask for HELP, either on the FORUMS or from me personally. I give Slack a thumbs up for a 1st distro. Even if it takes you three days to figure out to boot or install it. It is a very enlightening experience. And with that, ask if you have any questions, you are encouraged. Sincerely, Zraith
  21. I have just gotten into the Amatuer radio scene, so far I have purchased two books and am studying vigorously. I have two questions: 1) The first thing I want to do is buy a hand-held transviever. Does anyone have any recommendations for a hand-held transciever(possibly dual-band) for under 300 US dallars? 2) I know Citizens Band(CB) radio operates on Shortwave(HF), so could one operate on CB channels via a shortwave radio in voice mode? I am going for a Amatuer General Class(Element 2) with Morse Code. If there is any other information you think I will need, or just want to give me some advice, you are more than welcome. I look forward to your advice and the HAM experience. Thank you, Zraith
  22. thanks for the help guys. Though I would like to get a pre-cell transciever, I figure that will most likely be out of the question(unless fate rears its(his or hers?) ugly head)... As Radio Shack fudged(in placed of a more popular word) my order, I wont be recieving my book for another whole week. Seeing as the next testing date is December 17, this may or may not be a problem. I did end up buying A complete idiots guide to Ham Radio, but it about usless unless you already own a license, though i did learn a thing or two. I really would like to study for the test, and if anyone could refer me free resources, i would me more than grateful. Again, thanks for the help. I look forward to Hammin' soon. Regards, Zraith
  23. i vote "Unix" It sounds the cleanest and most organized. but w8, if u r goin 4 this kind of talk, then u culd use *nix
  24. did you compile the driver and isntall it into the kernel? Do you have "iwconfig"(I believe its in the iwtools package)? If you do: ifconfig ra0 up dhcpcd ra0 It shoudl connect to the wireless router with the best "reception" if you want to use more options like essid and wep, read the iwconfig man page. Good luck, and have Fun!
  25. First thing to do is google for your card or or driver. There may be a driver for linux. If that does not work, then you can fall back to ndiswrapper. ndiswrapper supports a huge selection of wireless network cards. thus, check to see if ndiswrapper supports the card. I am using ndiswrapper right now, it works like a charm. If that doesnt work, post the contents of the command 'lspci' and we'll see what we can do...