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  1. Captain B what up Dood ... it's Majestic .. YO where have you been .. I have tried gettting a hold of you for like ever... LOL :grr:
  2. Yeah well I like my shit big, so i want a fucking 4X Man .. that way i can be sure it isn't like a skintight fit... I like Goth, but NO! :grr:
  3. Dude I use PH everyday .. and i never get that error... I never use a sequential number, as that is obviously stupid... I only use what I need as well, I may make like 2 accounts, but i will wait for one to end, then I will use the other! I have never had a problem! :grr:
  4. I have run across a whole exchange of 800 and 866 forwards to AT&T Celly VMB's, so I am gonna scan out and see what is on default... if you want a defaulted box, let me know, good for Phreakers on the go! :grr:
  5. ohh yeah :grr:
  6. Here white Sword , now we know what a C note looked like back then! :grr:
  7. I can get you unlimited bandwidth with 50 megs :grr:
  8. Or you can be nice about it, install a nice backdoor somthing nice like a trojan, she likes those yeah, and read all her shit onceshe gets online, keep tabs on her! :grr:
  9. If it helps: mms://media-c1.tonlist.is/idol/artistvideo/racecity.wmv :grr:
  10. I know you love me though doug, no wquit looking at my ass! :grr:
  11. UberLeeto can now also be downloaded from: So Check em out, I did, and now I'll listen for Life! :grr:
  12. I like it, but where is Datu Today's Button? :grr:
  13. I am looking to create a new section on my phreaking page, I would like to add Radio Shack as a Hall of Shame section... If it is possable, get as much info from your city and state, such as managers names, personel names first and last get the store number, and how easy it was to get on thier computers. Hell I have been fortunate enough to get behind the counter and check out the numbers written down, but nothing special! but yeah if you can get the name of the people that owrk there, the store number and phone number location and such, I am gonna create another section to Datu Today :grr:
  14. Anyone know where I can get a shell or webspace that I can store a Perl scrypt, working on a VMB service! :grr:
  15. Datu Today may be going down for a few hours for general Cleanup, will be posted again asap! :grr: