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  1. Can it be done!? Does anyone have a free web service or way of accomplishing this? Thanks. Stay Pimpin. :morpheus:
  2. do we need to be concerned about any legal issues here? stay pimpin. :morpheus:
  3. yeah, i found the URL exploit eventually. it's finished now. it was working earlier. does the script still work?
  4. hey, i'm fairly new to PHP but i have been working on this for about a day now and i can't get anything but the blank screen. i think i have basically 3 questions and hopefully someone will realize that i'm new to this and give me some good advice.... 1. if i'm using Canti's script last edited yesterday, do i NEED to use a hexed url or can i use ascii provided i don't post the script anywhere? 2. If the answer is that i need to use hex, is there a specific hex url format i should be using (ie. http://0xHEX.0xHEX.0xHEX.0xHEX or can i just use http://0xHEXHEXHEXHEX)? 3. when i'm editing the url for the script (and i know this is obvious, but i really don't know), should i be using a url for the overall domain or should i be using a url specific to the user's account? 4. bonus question: anyone want to PM me the address bar url and be my hero of the day? Haha! i had to try... thanks everybody! stay pimpin. :morpheus: