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  1. Ugh, Fox. They shoot their "stories" like movies because the Geese go for the presentation, not the content. If that was shot and presented as a tech video or even if it was step-by-step hows to wardrive or safeproof against wardriving, then their ratings would go down, and no, getting the word out isn't as important the the news as ratings. I get FOX 29 in my area. Fuck, they piss me off.
  2. Ok, I'm confused, was the last post completely sarcastic? And yes, when it comes to Phreaking, I am a dumbass.
  3. The smell of me being a total noob and trying to dive right into something as usual. But I'm actually not kidding... I just know hardly anything about this shit, and I am a bit slow sometimes, so there. Are tones recognized by the phones themselves or the networks the phones are on? again, I'm a total noob to this in every way. And by old equipment, I mean bell stuff that looks like it's from the early 90s, and hasn't been replaced by the ones with the little digital scroll thingy yet. Though chances are it functions the same. It weirdly enough seems to be connected, but I haven't tried the phones yet. (note: you can see empty fortress phone boxes from the 90s everywhere around toronto. they don't remove the boxes, only the phones. This place is somewhere along Eglinton west, off to some sidestreet. But, again, me sense of direction is a bit... challenged, to say the least. These ones look late-eighties/early nineties, and are probably just forgotten and service not maintained. /noobness)
  4. I use the xp theme.
  5. I'll give an example of how I heard of a similar hack being done, but I will NOT delve into details. A man SE'd a teenaged girl into downloading a music file via Kazaa, and as such, slipped in a few nasty virii that allowed him to control the cam. Now, that tells you it can be done, but a clever man could have figured that out quite easily, and true cunning is required for SEing.
  6. Cain & Abel, my command prompt, and notepad.
  7. There is some really, REALLY old shit still connected in a little alcove I found in the city, so I'm thinking I might get SOMETHING if I mess around... But now I can't find it.
  8. I have a bit of a stupid question, but where do ISPs get off not allowing you to use telnet?
  9. I'd say start off learning about C/C++ and HTML, which would give you a pretty good starting point on both app and web programming. I'm still trying to grasp a solid hold in C++, but I find HTML and JavaScript VERY useful.
  10. 1. Ok, creepy hack alert. 2. Yes, but you wouldn't necessarily be hacking *through* yahoo. I'll let a guru choose whether or not to tell you how.
  11. I've *finally* gotten around to making a computer out of the parts I have in my room... And managed to install a flavour of Linux on it. I'm wondering, what are the essential reads to someone starting out on Mandrake 10.1? I've no prior Linux experience, and this would be very helpful. Thanks to all who participate.
  12. If getting into technology and network security as a career, a working knowledge of Japanese is a plus =P Perl, Python, C/C++, and advanced electronics.
  13. Big whoop. I'm sorry, but with tools, script injections, and all that BS, any semi-competent "hacker" with too much time on his hands can take MS, if only because of said tools to which any hole would be quite obvious. And so many people trying, once in a while, someone is bound to stumble onto something. A lone hacker, working with nothing but a C compiler and a command prompt, now THAT would be a worthy feat. Probably isn't real anyways =P
  14. I don't believe hacking the C-entity would be impossible, but A: This dumbass didn't do it; and B: lmfao this is too fucking funny EDIT: I must thank the majority of members on this forum for respecting the English language. Bloody hell, it hurts to read most of what people are saying these days.
  15. Idea for code- An alert that opens before the rest of the page loads, and whenever you close it, it goes back to the beginning of the script and opens the alert... Would that work?