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  1. Bittorrent gives your internet connection a HUGE load, btw. alright guys an update. i used that site and my shits downloading soooo fast. super super greatful for all the help. now what does bittorrent gives your internet connection a huge load mean??
  2. thanks everyone. i am going to look at that site straight away. i've tried looking at forwarding the ports but i can't seem to figure it out so hopefully that site will help me. i've tried azeurus but it takes up too much ram to run. but anyways. thank you all. i'll be back if this isn't fixed haha. cheers
  3. i currently am trying to use utorrent but can't seem to get strong or many connections to download anything. it will read that there are 300 seeders but for some reason i can't connect to others so that i can download the files. it reads that apparently my port are closed or firewalled? i have timewarner and we have a wireless box and modem in one.. i've found online that sometimes those boxes mess up connections for those play8ing games with others so i thought perhaps it was doing the same for me with utorrent. perhaps time warner has closed my port that way i dont use alot of bandwith? can anyone help me get around this problem or point me towards a solution?
  4. you two need to kiss and make up. or maybe work together and figure another way in. otherwise :stfu: . cheers.
  5. i dont even know how this is even possible. anyone give me a general description? just so i can understnad how its even done. p.s. dont flame.
  6. yah they've been doing it to mee too. depends on what type of cable modem box youhave. if they gave you one of those wireless modem boxes... send it back and get the regular one. those modem boxes slow everything down.
  7. thats the ticket. you can homebrew 2.80 now!
  8. i've been trying just about everything. scripts url you name it i'm trying it. did they patch it all up or what?
  9. are you replying to the " ?viewall " or the double slashes comments?
  10. i'm pretty sure the filmloop trick still works buut you only get the first 50. no matter what they are. sucky sucky
  11. welp looks like that url exploit is done.. anyone got anything else?
  12. alot of batteries that come with laptops now a days are shite. they are just light batteries so that the laptop manufacturers can say they make a very light weight laptop. you almost always have to purchase a new one. nothing wrong with yer laptop mate.
  13. what kind of phone do you have? a pocket pc? or a razr? does it make a difference? this sounds very interesting.
  14. thanks guys appreciate it. come on you reds!
  15. so i've been reading around in this forum now and all the gods here keep telling the noobs to use google.... are there a special way to type things in that will help you find exactly what you want? i'm familiar with * and " " and + ... but is there more? p.s. i tried the search function and there where tooo many google results found. please help. cheers