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  1. i figured out 2 things i thought would work, but instead of taking you to an error page it's just a blank page except with "" could someone pm me and i can ask them if there's something other than these two? i checked around the internet afterwards and these two had been mentioned, but i don't know about any others. edit: actually only one takes you to the error page. i think it's the single key address bar one someone mentioned earlier. the other takes you to the image page, but i think photobucket has fixed that.
  2. yeah i totally get what you're saying. just sometimes, even not necessarily this case, at least for me i learn best by example; like if i see something done and am told how, it's easier to learn than just a lot of tehnical stuff with no frame of reference. i'm pretty new to this whole thing and it's just kinda hard to know where to begin; it just seems so daunting at first. sorry if anything came off as begging for immediate results or anything.
  3. yeah if anyone could at least help me with how to find this(or any!) address bar exploit it'd be appreciated. i don't necessarily need to know this one, but how to actually find these would be cool; seems like it'd be a way to help people out without spoonfeeding it to them right?