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  1. From who...?
  2. heh, I dont know which one I like, I like them both Oh remember ppl make sure you click on the brainwashing ad's that appeals to you the most, help some ppl out. Dont click to much though. peca
  3. Yea, but its not out yet. Check out the next issue of digzine. peace. Also there as been some conflict between friends of mine about me releasing this. I just want to say this: People have been spoofing charge number without even knowing it for a while now,. using it to swat people, spoof calls to goverment officials (talking shit) blaming people for shit. Which is not cool at all. One of the reasons I wanted to make it public is for those situations. The people that are getting blamed for bogus shit no have a way out and now network investigators can know that even though its not callerid spoofing that its charge number, they cant just automaticly blame that person for these fucked up calls. Plus I have been arguing with "certin" people for while about if this is true or not the whole ability to spoof charge number, and when I could prove it, I just had to release it after keeping it quiet for a while. Plus johnny hackler has been going on party lines (after finding out how to do this from someone that I told how to do this (bad move by me) told him and hes making people "fjear" stating that he found it out and that he can own this and that like a noob using this for evil. I wasnt going to let him go out like that when he wasnt the one that figured it out. I hate fucking partyliners and their bullshit. I didnt tell him, I merely told a friend that then in turn told him how to do this which I regret, so I had to release it, besides noone I know is a malcious type of person and uses this method for ev1l or anything. But its pretty crazy though huh that this can be done. I was fjearing when I could acually prove it. But dont think people that you can get away with spoofing charge number to make fraudulent calls and threatning calls to blame people, they will get you and your karma will own yourself. You forget about about other fields in ss7 that will get you owned. And dont ask me what they are because that I am not telling you and you will fjear if you fuck someone over with your nonsence using this method because you still can be tracked...
  4. This is from an older lerg, but most of the data is the same. Newer lerg editions have a different format. ← leet thx strom. Hey I have a question mayby you can answer, whats the difference between the JIP and where the call is homed out of. example: Nufone is homed out of 517 but the JIP is 248-Nxx (I forget the nxx of it.) 248-nxx is just the switch it came off of. Like so why wouldnt it be 248 as the anifail's NPA..? Is it being homed out of 517 because thats the point it leaves that area..? /I know this is kinda confusing how Im explaining this so sry ahead of time.
  5. There are different types of cases. the definition of what you ask for is at the top of that page.
  6. Did you read my post? Fortunately, in this case, there is no thousands block pooling and the entire prefix is assigned to the switch. ← Yeah I was looking at that, its leet that lerg shows you the signaling transfer points, I didnt know it did that. What else does it show normaling..? I have never looked up anything via lerg.
  7. Yes, I did. "Figure out the number" could mean one of several things. "Determine the full telephone number based on the image" may be more specifically what he was asking for, but he could have also been asking for more information about the number. Don't be so quick to criticize me. ← Yeah if thats the case then thousand block info would have been nice.. /me not trying to hurt your feelings :cry:
  8. Yeah, that's what I was going to guess it was, but without an idea of what it looked like, I wasn't willing to hazard a guess ← Yeah, I just googled it, it was like the 4th line down.
  9. Did you read his post..? He wasnt asking for a lerg query, he was asking if anyone could see what the number was that was hidden behind the blury fearness. Did you think to just do a xx29 scan..? I was thinking it was maybe xx19 though. heh I have no clue.
  10. Here you go sir, your "Telecommunication Service Isolation Unit" /yo joe look it almost says K-rad haha
  11. Its the same thing as the pulver wifi phone, you can run the same firmware on it like I was saying in my first post. and you just use any sip provider with them, they're wisip phones.
  12. You shouldn't talk to customers like that. ← hah, you were there? Thats comedy. He was an indian anyways trying to sound leet because he reads the voxilla forums.
  13. Am I blind or there is no way to choose European carriers on this site ? My goal was to give all of you source for international sms gateways. ← heh, Havoc I was stating out of the 2 sites, I clearly said thanks in my first post for dropping your link. I said I like txtdrop better because you dont need to bother choosing the carrier if you sont know (ported numbers ect) I never txt any niggers that arent in the usa anyways tho because Im a dirty yank. peace
  14. I like txtdrop better, you dont have to choose the carrier.
  15. leet, thats weird I was just reading not even 4 minutes ago about this I wasnt sure if it was forreal, but your shit beats mine.