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  1. WinXP Pro ...hoping to have a G4 iBook in my future to break into the Mac OS X Scene. But got to save that big money...hard to do for a lowly paid developer in Canada with student loans abounding.
  2. thanks i did a search for posts on the same topic before posting but didn't find that one...i'm still getting my bearings on this stuff...another question for you. Sometimes when i read posts i was getting names of images in the text like smile.gif and stuff like that a setting i have to change to get that stuff to show up right? What's up with those? Is that how people typed the post or am i missing images?
  3. Help! What is "Rating" that shows up at the bottom of my member profiles when i post a message. What does it do? And can I get rid of it? Does it serve some kind of purpose if so what is it's purpose?
  4. Hey all i am a newbie...this is the first forum that i have ever joined...apologize if this post is too long. FYI: SnakeEyes + bobnino = brothers by DNA bobnino enlightened me to this shiznit so mad props to him. I am the man behind him getting his digital shit together and start tapping the major gear he has through PHP, MySQL, Web Server he needs me to sysadmin, config and techie shit that jazz to life. Hoping you will hear from me soon on the Radio show aswell as a guest/host right bro I am mac from way back with bobnino we started on our macAttack in junior high (early 90s). I have been windozin it since junior year university 1999. Forced over by "THE MAN" and on a personal quest to program as a profession in an all Windows corporate world hurting for developers. I make it my plight to help convert the corp world to the smart choice of going more Mac especially now with OS X Server which is the shiznit. Dying to return to the right side of the platform wars with bro for obvious reasons. Like those mad dnet numbers. I have joined dnet yesterday too...hoping to see some stats up on their site soon...looking for a team to join i will probably join where bobnino sends his packets we may start out own team too.
  5. the schematics for those meters are posted on the companies site...if they are the same meters as the one in the skate mag