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  1. create a private Hamatchi netowork/group and have each attendee install screen-sharing software + IM
  2. DeepFreeze (not free) - just to add an extra layer of security Wireshark - to record traffic IDApro (not free) - disassembly and last but not least Strings.
  3. one word: Squid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_cache Setup a transparent proxy in 3 simple steps
  4. an entire thread about a distro for 'hacking stuff' and BackTrack wasn't mentioned once. Desktop Linux - Ubuntu Hacking Distro - BackTrack 3 Beta live CD
  5. not exactly what you're looking for, but- you may want to see if your router supports syslog then run something like 'Kiwi Syslog Daemon' on your pc to receive the logs, then configure the alerts as needed
  6. add tcpdump to your list
  7. why limit yourself to eBooks when there are thousands of websites with perl tutorials? http://learn.perl.org/ http://docs.rinet.ru/P7/ http://www.linuxforums.org/programming/lea...__lesson_1.html
  8. LogMeIn if you're looking for a quick/simple/free solution Citrix if you wanna do serious stuff VNC/RDP both require port forwarding and separate client applications so I don't even consider those. as far as the logging, assuming you're using a standard soho router (something like a Linksys WRT54G) you can enable logging on it.
  9. die in a fire. an hero yourself. do a barrel roll.
  10. Metagoofil "Metagoofil is a tool for written in Python for extracting the metadata from public documents (pdf,doc,xls,ppt) available in the target websites. This information could be useful because you can get valid usernames, or people names, for using later in brute force password attacks (vpn, ftp, webapps etc.)"
  11. try running a repair with Grub Super Disc. it's saved me two times so far...
  12. Irc

    I prefer Chatzilla for all my IRC needs. It's a Firefox add-on so it's cross platform and free. How has this thread gone this long without anyone mentioning IRSSI, the leetest text mode client Great if you're running in a CLI only environment
  13. Challenge: Frosty The Snow Crash stop me if this sounds corny/lame/whatever but, I thought it might be fun if we tried working on this challenge as a group. This is NOT a hack this box type challenge, it's more of a critical thinking/problem solving scenario. So, where shall we begin?
  14. use your ISPs SMTP mail server (mail.shaw.com or something similar) or use a SOCKS Proxy, you ISP probably hosts one or use a Mail Relay service (cost money) Also, if you're using FreeBSD/Postfix, here is a quick tutorial on how to change your sending port Regardless, port 25 should be explicitly blocked on your border firewall
  15. did a bit more testing and I came to realize that if I purposely misspell the node name (i.e. /node:TestPC0101) I still get the same error message. at this point I think it might be best to move this to a virtual environment with two clean installs of XP SP2
  16. well, I found out that if I remove the hyphen from the name of my node (i.e. TestPC instead of Test-PC) I can actually get the script to run...well almost Node - TestPC ERROR: Code = 0x800706ba Description = The RPC server is unavailable. Facility = Win32 I checked to make sure the RPC service was enabled and running on both the attacking and defending laptops but still, no luck
  17. I managed to get the first script to work after a few tries (didn't work on my first laptop for some reason) but the second one is giving me a bit of trouble... (Italicized words are variable) so far, whenever I run this, all i can get is "Invalid Global Switch" I have both the attacking and defending laptops in the same workgroup, I can browse shares on both, but I don't know enough about WMI to do more than basic troubleshooting. Any ideas guys?
  18. FreeSSHd Microsoft Windows HOWTO: FreeSSHd That pretty much breaks it down Barney style. I personally like OpenSSH through Cygwin better on Windows, but this seems to be a simpler solution
  19. why am I not surprised... does anyone here even know what nc is? damn I'm getting cynical in my old age. I'm gonna take a crack it it tomorrow and post my results...
  20. so, the reason you probably haven't found much "hacking" related material is because you've been searching with too broad of terms: "hacking" "cracking" "network security" etc "Hacking" can include lock picking, social engineering, advanced mathematics, physical security, etc none of which are directly computer related, which seems to be what you're looking for. If you search, or ask, for something more specific, say for example "enumerating windows/samba shares" then you might find more of what your looking for. Hope that helps. btw, if you are interested in enumerating windows/samba shares you might want to check out ShareEnum from SysInternals or ResView from NirSoft.
  21. Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Mouse > Enable Mouse Keys What kind of functionality does the script have that the windows mouse keys doesn't?
  22. If I remember correctly, MS does not offer any OS for download, in any fashion. I am sure any posting one would lead to a warning and possible ban after moderator discussion. Just be careful everyone You did ask for the DVD and not a download though, so the answer is : The Store, New Egg, or somewhere else. Not exactly 100% true; while Vista was still in beta, MSDN was hosting downloads of it (180 day trials) for over 6 months. Of course, the beta testing is over, so no more downloads but, they are still hosting other beta software. Read:Windows Server 2008 and soon Windows Home Server MSDN Beta downloads More of the same, MSDN Evaluation Center Ok, so that's not exactly Vista, but you still may find a valid link online of someone hosting the Vista public beta. happy hunting
  23. I messaged him not too long ago. Last thing we talked about was working on hou2600.org
  24. I could be missing something but, why not just install a free firewall? Seems like a simpler, more straight forward answer.