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  1. thanks was kinda hoping for something more free...but never the less i am VERY greatful thank you sentai xxx
  2. Greetz all, ok i've been messing about with the hacking thing for a few years now and i wanna start getting serious. I recently read a tutorial on wrighting perl exploits, and i loved it, writing the exploit, testing it so on and so forth. So i wanna get more into exploit dev, however i aint got a bloody clue where to start, could anyone point me to some tuts? white papers? vids? anything? i think a good starting point would be looking/testing for exploits then moving on to the wrighting side of things.. so anyhelp? thanks sentai xxx
  3. i live in a small dessert island off the coast of affirca dude theres NOTHING in my area lol how ever i will look into a newer distro
  4. greetings, i have a tendancy to ramble on a while n people get bored so i'll put this in semi note form installed slackware (8 i think i know its old but its the only disk i have n my cd/rw is buggered) everything worky fine. did fx86congif thingy set everything up (its correct as far as i know) hit startx, says no screens found help please sentai
  5. nah i doubt he has that much power, but honestly its probs best 2 just annoy her to bombs and the such..OR you could use annonymus emails and scare her a little....but meh if it iwas me i'd let it go and let fate deal with her..less work
  6. right a lil tip, i had a gf who screwed me i went to get revenge and i taken to court. If i were you i'd do what everone else says just let it go...OR if you wanna be vendictive...just watch her for a whle wait til she gets summin good goin in her life n wreck it :devil: (yes i am a vendictive bugger)
  7. hehe i've seen all irongeeks tuts hehe i'll look at that one again thanks for the quick reply
  8. i'm not sure if i could help you or not, how ever i will point you in the right direction Look for exploits for the forum attempt to social engineer the person attempt to guess his pass maybe? or i SURPOSE you could attempt to install a keylogger on his computer..then tell him to log into his account. thats all the info i think i'm allowed to give you hope it helps p.s. why do you want to get into his account?
  9. i just read the post about three up...ok so some dude beats cancer and hes loved? my nan has had cancer three times and lived...shouldn't she get summin? also i have a really bad toe can i atleast have a hug? oh and for the crock is sad he should go..he was rather cool and fun to watch, but if you will stick your hand into a dogs mouth..expect to get bitten
  10. now then... *clears throat*(dunno why cos i'm typing but still) there are two computers at my house conencted via a router, now then seeing as though i'm unable to find a war game that will let me play i'm gonna make my own. soooo, i've never attually used packet sniffing programs before but i have access to some vid tuts so thats no problem. I was just curious as to weather it is possible to sniff packets off the other computer thats connected to the router..i don't think it is seeing as though theres no direct link between us....i have other options i just think it would be fun if it does work. is this kinda a pointless waste of text? (if so sorry) sentai xxx
  11. hmm don't think he means a trojan..but have you tried i'm SURE someone would have made some form of a bot in VB or C++? take a look also check out packetstorm (can't remember the url just google it i always do) if that doesn't work..well i'll look out for ya
  12. i believe theres summin on irongeek that may help barts PE summin or other check it out P.S. woop just made 10th post hehehe
  13. yeah i should really try harder shouldn't i? hehe sorry
  14. DSL live disk lol and i'm still using it when ever i need a linux moment boot up VMplayer or bang in the CD n hit restart...gotta love it
  15. thanks for the post any idea when version 4 will be out?