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  1. That makes sense.
  2. Its working for you? Good it just stoped working, i guess it doesn't live on forever. New one: 4deadcc9ee5a7c5ef3c15c6c6c507dd1 is this still a good hash? I tried using and got nowhere.
  3. blank screen, are you editing the variable usr on the script? It should not be edited, you should pass usr trough the browser. That fixed my problem with blank screen.
  4. That would not work, it requires that you enter the name for the person you want on the script. maybe someone could writte a script that would allow you to tnter the info from a web site. I am having problems with the blank page also, decoded the link and enter the account name but getting a blank page. I can go directly using the link. Could someone tell me why I get the blan page. I uploaded the script to two servers and my computer with same results.
  5. dont fret, you can get porn ther for a couple days before it is patched. For those of you lacking a server. here is a freebie; If anyone needs their own account with ftp access throw me a pm
  6. could someone pm the script or is this going to be one of those SHhhhh. I have it now, please do not pass around lol Thanks