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  1. This post is a bit off topic, but I didn't start a new thread as I imagine that it might be of interest to most of the people following this thread. I have seen people post on other boards that occasionally they are playing around on photobucket, and when they try to access a locked account it will automatically grant them access as "logged in read only", without entering a password or anything. Then, for some period of time, they can access 95% of locked accounts as "logged in read only". Until today, I thought this story was some sort of bs (perhaps a cover for people who were crafty enough as Canti to be able to find a deliberate way to see pics ). Well, today, it happened to me. I was checking out a few buckets to see if they were locked or not when all of sudden a locked one opened up as "logged in read only". I was never prompted to put in a password or anything. And then for a couple hours I was able to see 95% of the locked accounts. My browser locked up and I had to restart, and then I no longer had such access. But a few minutes later it started working again. But once I closed my browser it would no longer work for me and hasn't worked since. Does anyone have any idea what might have given rise to this "glitch"? It was pretty cool to be able to have access to all the accounts without having to do anything at all (call me lazy LOL).
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