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  1. man ubunto takes forever to dl all these scools that carry it have a max transfer speed of 111kbps so slow and i'm riding on the company T1 right now
  2. registry cleaner/fixer/cleaner/optimizer appz coming handy cause of this BTW ad-aware ships with spyware so it is useless. sorry i was trying to trrow this in on my other post when the flood control engaged
  3. still ontrack an fix it 7 work just as good most Malwarez hide in your registry and in you web cache unless you have it set to dump every time you close your browser
  4. i want the file for the song playing in the backround Zearle___Zearle___Watch_Me.mp3 do you have that in wma too?
  5. I have seen what happens to forum that abolish the post count. they die out
  6. i want the file for the song playing in the backround
  7. ther was an appp years ago i used called ghost mail. I also got a pedophile banned from an ISP or 2
  8. well sometimes i post om my laptop but most of the time on my Blackberry i don"t have access to the F7 key. Besides on another forum they make fun of my spelling an grammar all the time. it's kinda my identiy over there. and your not accepted un less you make fun of my grammar. besides im just messing with you mellow out. I used to be a mod and a forum admin. bad grammar is the least of your worries.
  9. trust me it's alot easier now an my frind is a store manager at an authorized dealer and a Certified Nokia technician the process has been shortened to
  10. yeah if you wanna make your box faster your going to havfta invest in som dcent hard ware ie a mobo with a fast bus lots of ram and a pci express card(or two) with atleat 512-a gig of ram on each card? im thinking Qud core box whaen I get my tax refund Could you stop raping the English language? not until Jessie Jackson stops using double standrds. buildin a quad-core box as soon as i get my taxorz refund. NUFF SAID
  11. Can you speak English for the rest of us? }{3y |\/|y 9r4m3r i$ b3773r tz][3n vi$t4. = my grammer is better than vista.
  12. actullay I called 611 an all I had to say was i wanted it unlocked as an extra feature and they read you the code right over the phon Ihave TMO I've been with them since 2k5 and I did this about a month ago in 15 mins. TRUST me I KNOW what im talking about. BTW on the black berry forums ther is a LINUX-USERS section. EAT IT GHETTO SIDEKICK3!
  13. ok let me lay something on you Notron and Mcaffe are so unsecue and reliable it's not funny. malware writers intetioaly beta test ther warz to BYPASS norton an mcsffee. you can also bypass the scsnner if you keep the file under 500k cause BOTH mcaffee and norton ignore files of that size not only that both AVS an security suite ar buggy an cause carshes and hog your memory even if your toking 2gb. my bad spelling and grammer is more reliable than those apps
  14. SAME kind of OS only danger! and TMO have it. unlock just means you have the sim an network locks removed. the only other possabli oping is to drop $500 on a universal unlocking clip eve then it only supots the listed models seriously when i get a rim 8800 i might consider selling my 8700 for you. NO checks or money order. EFT only
  15. there is an old james bong quote that rogger morre said "there's always a first time for everything"