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  1. Hi all... I knew a program that u can use to get the plain text version of the wep key stored in the registry .. iron geek post that topic earlier on general Hacking forum .. but unfortunately i cannot remember its name .. if any of the geeks out there remember that name by any chance plz post it for us tanks a mill
  2. Hello everybody ..... i am facing a strange problem ... i was playing with Norton 360 .. yeah another crap from Norton ... it has a new feature called transaction security ... it secures you from all phishing attacks ... Now on my system Norton 360's Transaction security is not secure and the reason they are saying is that my browser is not set to detect fraudulent websites BLAH BLAH BLAH ..... i digged down and found that it need COM Host as support service and on my system for some unknown reasons the COM Host fails to start. I checked the application Event log and for bewildered by the message written there i haven't got a fucking clue .. any ideas to make the COM Host start at runtime
  3. hi guys i am looking for an application that logs all the information about the installation of an application on windows machines like what files are created, copied, registry keys created, files modified and things like that.. i tried a software called winpooch . winpooch alerts when a critical file is modified or a new registry key is created or modified . i need a software that walks through the whole installation procedure .. any help will be appreciated
  4. ARP Poison I was playing with Cain & Abel the other day and i was trying the to steal my friends password by poisoning his ARP table using Cain.. I made his computer believe that i am router and downloaded a fake SSL certificate from whenever my friend tried to log on to orkut the browser gave a warning message "you are having a duplicate certificate. the certificate with the same serial number has already been issued by the company contact your network administrator". and the browser did nothing and he couldn't log on. the cain gave me message like unable to establish SSL connection have u guys got any solutions???? any help will be appreciated
  5. dude i tried different keyloggers, but all of this keyloggers are detected and deleted at the moment of installation by the antivirus software systems. is there any keylogger out there that will not be detected by the AV... don't tell me to use a hex editor to change the signature of the keylogger
  6. well i went to the hack5 forum ... believe me men .. that thing is pure crap.. i went through just one posting Oh Christ... Crap....Crap....Crap i was just wondering.. do we have any decent hacking forums out there in the whole internet ......
  7. hey geeks... which are the best hacking forums out there u would like to hang around other than our dear old binrev
  8. Security Now! Binary Revaluation Radio PaulDotCom Security Weekly MightySeek Mike Tech Show Linux Reality Dudes, which is the best Linux podcast...?
  9. Run it and the text should appear! :borg: Thanks for your reply... but I was not looking for what the unescape () function does... I was looking for what the shell code does... I found this on the latest VML exploit... I wanted to know what that shell code is doing to the system...
  10. shellcode = unescape("%uE8FC%u0044%u0000%u458B%u8B3C%u057C%u0178%u8BEF%u184F%u5F8B%u0120%u49EB%u348B%u018B%u31EE%u99C0%u84AC%u74C0%uC107%u0DCA%uC201%uF4EB%u543B%u0424%uE575%u5F8B%u0124%u66EB%u0C8B%u8B4B%u1C5F%uEB01%u1C8B%u018B%u89EB%u245C%uC304%uC031%u8B64%u3040%uC085%u0C78%u408B%u8B0C%u1C70%u8BAD%u0868%u09EB%u808B%u00B0%u0000%u688B%u5F3C%uF631%u5660%uF889%uC083%u507B%u7E68%uE2D8%u6873%uFE98%u0E8A%uFF57%u63E7%u6C61%u0063"); what does this shell code do... plz help
  11. Does anyone know how to install an appliation like, say a keylogger into a victims system when he clicks a hyperlink which can be distributerd by IM or through forums...
  12. I used to work as a security officer at a Tesco store and they had an ATM machine inside the store. One day a customers ATM card got stuck inside the ATM machine and I had to manually reset the machine. The machine was running a Windows NT OS. After rebooting an application popped up -- that is the thing that welcomes you and ask you to put the card in - the ATM machines has a phone line attached at it back, this I think is connected to the Bank -- and we all know to hack the ATM machine by connecting a MP3 recorder to this phone line and record all the transaction details.... But I think no will dare to do this...
  13. Thanks very much for coming forward and sharing your valuable information for me..
  14. how do i download malware from Internet other than getting myself infected. Is there any place that i can download these malware binaries for educational purposes... Last night i went through and i saw a lot malware doing cool stuff.. i really need them.. help me plz
  15. Kool...............