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  1. Is there a new bypass now? Seems like these things are getting shut down quicker and quicker as time goes on. Maybe there is a photobucket employee looking at this thread, which is why anybody with a new exploit or bypass should PM me instead of broadcasting it all over the net
  2. And you are here for what reason? You hack photobuckets to check out people's photography skills? he's looking for cool avatars and gifs!
  3. http://i16.photobucket.com///albums/b28/dankchloe/ notice the two extra slashes. all you had to do was find out their account url which was just the image url with the filename taken off the end. simple as hell, too bad it got patched that was working until this other script exploit described in this thread was patched
  4. thanks to a certain member here i am now using a MUCH simpler way to log in everything as read only. it works 100% of the time and is only a one step (one key actually) process with no scripts or programs or anything needed, contained entirely within the address bar
  5. I'm not trying to be a script kiddie or anything, but I am completely ignorant when it comes to this stuff. I've got it uploaded onto a server and everything, and inserted the username and urls in where they are supposed to go, but get this that's it...there is one broken imagelink and another broken image and that text. what gives?
  6. Damn so I need my own webpage to do this? All I do is insert the code and the corresponding urls or names and then it will work?
  7. Alright I'm really a noob about this stuff, but how exactly do I use that script to get the pics in the account? Do I have to download some program or something? I've got a php writing/running program and that isn't helping me at all, I've already tried googling it for the last half hour and can't figure it out.