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  1. once again havoc finds some cool ass shit, that navyn os looks fuckin awesome.
  2. i will if i can come up with the cash, and dude whitesword that french singer .gif,.......................... :devil:
  3. .org sounds nice and such for the cause of which it will stand.
  4. yea he was asking for tv shows not radio shows.
  5. .....can i still fill in for him with the swearing?
  6. i don't really think it was the mic, it was the background noise, i.e. those tunnels and that boiler noise i guess is what it was.
  7. very nice work, good as first, although i do feel theres a bit of a problems with things being very dark(which sometimes can't be avoided but you should think night vision more often) and at certain points you couldn't hear you talking, you might think about adding subtitles to those areas, just trying some constructive critism, though i couldn't do better. once again nice work.
  8. oh ok.........gimme gimme.....
  9. isnt 5 beta (really ep 4.5) when i made my first appearance?
  10. he's old skool......
  11. fine ill just go and make my own t-shirt!!!!.......yeea right, ill go have a hat made though. >=P
  12. oh stop lying doug, you know you still laugh at it.
  13. yo cessna, i demand a t-shirt with "Because Everything Is Always On Default Including Lucky's Mom" on the back, cause i invented it....<<kurced.....yea....i have to have that shirt though.
  14. default radio ep 24, as well as thousands of threads across the internet forums...it just depends on your telco and the payphones in your area. redboxing will live on until acts is gone or they switch all payphones to nortel milleniums(this is my opinion of the US section of the world,i make no claim as to know what the hell the rest of the world is doing).
  15. logan have you figured out how to send files via bluetooth to the 610/616? i want to send a picture to my phone so i can use it as a wallpaper but i cant seem to get it to work on xp nor osx. Edit: i found out that i couldnt use a bmp like they said i could, bastards. i got it to work finally.
  16. apparently the sim card controls the banner.
  17. hey do you know how(if the t616/610 can) to change the main display text, cingular/at&t etc etc, like you can with nokias.
  18. i just realized that both of dougs quotes both involve me....
  19. hrmmm i wonder if i should.....welcome to default radio, where everything is always on default...including lucky's mom.
  20. i guess i'd go for it....but thats a bit pricey....thats 4 whole packs of cigs right there....
  21. i envy you sooo much, i want that phone, its got IR,bluetooth, built in camera, it's fuckin sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
  22. i still think my skateboarding was the best part... ......................just kidding.
  23. j00 ph33r my skateboarding skillz
  24. what in your opinion was awesome about it?
  25. a happy family, goatse.cx, tubgirl, and the bakla.net tranny as their love child.