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  1. Try this one then...
  2. That kinda defeats the purpose of sending it to everyone to have them sign it, doesn't it??
  3. Yep, version 0.4 was released on April 21...I posted about it on my board, and got a bit of discussion about it going... Apparently it was almost a year and a half between That's a little bit of time there...
  4. It's been like that for a while...ever since they switched hotmail to the hotmail.msn server, I think, and I've gotten it a few times...
  5. Another one from Canada here too... Halifax, Nova Scotia... 902 baby! lol There's a few of us on the east coast, apparently...
  6. I just finished watching it...had to view the wmv version though, since this box Hi-res wouldn't play... Anyways, I thought it was pretty kool...and I have to say I liked that "Blair Witch"y shakey camera it a more "underground" look... But I do agree about a few comments already made...the UE section was kinda pointless...or was it that you were leaving us wanting more? I did like the car-hacking...I've done a few mods to my ride in the recent past, but I never really looked at it as hacking the it a whole new perspective now... And I really liked the wardriving some others, I've never been, but I'd love to...just need to get some funds together to get a good laptop... I'll definitely be waiting for the future episodes...
  7. Do you have anything in a 468px X 60px size? At my site, we use banners for affiliates, and we'd be interested in a possible affiliation...but I'm not going to whore this thread up by going off topic about affiliation... I'm addicted to <BR> Radio anyways, so why not pimp BinRev as much as I can? lol But like I said, we use a larger banner, so just wondering if you have one...
  8. Well, I guess this is as good a place as any to post my first post here @BR... I'm glad you finally got the zine off that hd, E...Congrats on the release! I've got it up on US, and made an announcement to all my members letting them know that it's finally out, and that they had to go get it! Now I want #6! lol