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  1. ok ok ill help you. read. http://www.php.net/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHP www.google.com/photobucketslideshows and give http://www.hackthissite.org/ a try. thats all im gowing to offer you.
  2. this one goes out to all the kids who came here looking for a how-to or a lesson on hacking. Hacking 101: How to Break Into Computers rofl at you.
  3. Not functional for me yet. Still working on it.. now trying xampp
  4. well not to practical but very interesting and i quote "This weekend they were able to make a 55-mile Wi-Fi connection." source: http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,64440,00.html
  5. very nice resource. i found that super informative. i just changed my MAC address for the hell of it.
  6. i did a couple google searches on raw teleneting and didnt find anything could you please guide me.
  7. hey j3w thanks a ton for all the tips.. My main reason for doing this is not to get free dial up. i could care less about dialup. but its just the normal exploit vibe i get. always loved exploiting. ok so back to the problem at hand..... i was doing some thinking and i believe that the 888 number im using to connect is only allowing me into the intranet. it is not internet access, i mean, why would it be internet access. its basicly connecting to a computer somewhere in aol hq, asking it to pull open its database and find me the numbers i need. now that kinda sucks for internet purposes, However, since i am connecting to this database, how can i tell it to give me access to other files... an altered version of aol would do the trick.... tonight i know i have a copy of aol4.0 on a minicd, im gunna see what kinda of persuasion i can do. any one got an idea on affecting other areas of this access number intranet?
  8. update #2: i did a search on 888-573-1141. and it turned up http://www.starburst100.com/pda/AOL%20For%20Palm/AOL20.prc some crazy shit showing someone connect to the aol server and attempting to pick a screenname. secondly i did a reverse look up and found nothing.
  9. ok children, i set my phone on pulse, set up a microphone on the modem, recorded it dialing the 888 number actually, and then slowed it down and counted the ticks..... the number is 1-888-573-1141.. try calling it its a toll free number and it provides a signal. now i dropped that in my dial up connections and it get hung up on verifying username and password... i tired admin admin as well as all the other similiar ones. im oging to try the username and password on the bqack of the aol cd case. thanks freek for the idea. i forgot all about the new user pass and shit. any ideas are welcome. update: the registration# and password on the back of the box dont work. when useing aol to gather access numbers it must auto respond to the username and password inquiry with something.. any ideas on getting what its telling the server?
  10. well can i just take the 800 number and drop it in to dial up connections... and maybe try no password and username... or even try admin admin or something along those lines? in case those do not work howwould i be able to capture the username/password/auth id that aol setup uses to verify you for the 800 number.... i guess i could intercept my own packets and take a look but do you think there is a better way?
  11. no i havent... i will in a few.
  12. i have seen plaenty of mac address spoofers and or changers. just google.
  13. this is my first post so lets make it a good one. im throwing a question out there to everyone and i need some input on it. Ill start from the begining. i have managed to get my hands on an 800 number that is used by new AOL customers to dial into firstly inorder to get their list of local access numbers.... so if you pick up your phone and dial this 800 number you can toll-free get an internet connection... secondly, this number allows users to just connect without prompting for password or username. im not sure thought because the AOL software might just fulfill the username and password question automaticly. but i highly doubt that, considering aol is full of retards.... so please give me feedback and input.... you can ask how i got the number if you want to, or you can ask for the 800 number.