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  1. Before you send out books, be sure to label them with your name and addy, as well as good way to contact you, unless of course you're afraid that the evil hackerzzz will get you. My Offerings: [not all tech, but books I think people here might be interested in] Techish: * Tron - you know... Tron... * The Ultimate Internet Outlaw - *snicker* * The Fugitive Game - Littman's book on Mitnick [good book] * Hands-On Novell Network 5.0 - Course Technology / Textbook [i have a spare] * Steal This Computer Book 2 [with CD] - Extremely cool stuff, covers STCB1 * Enhanced A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC [with XP guide] - Kind of shitty, reasonable condition, written in Success / Brain Books: [good ones] * The Ruling Class - Inside the Imperial Congress * Power - How to get it, how to use it * How to win friends and influence people - you should have already read this General Education: * Organic Chemistry - T.W. Graham Solomons - Fantastic - Basically a Textbook * Government in American Society - Circa 1968 - Primarily propaganda, however has loads of good information too - textbook * Several Law Books - Textbooks * Lots of counter-culture/conspiracy theorist literature, most of it is well thought out, and has a legal basis Generally Badass: * Recreational Drugs by Professor Buzz - A good combination with the Organic Chemistry book! * The Cult at the end of the world - the story of the AUM TRANG [people who gassed the subway in tokyo] Rotten Library - Absolutely fascinating book * Thieves World - Painfully dry book about mafia types, and their current standing - still a good book * Hagakure - HEY, Shutup, it kicks ass! If you don't know what it is, Google it. Generalities: * Comic-Strip books [funny ones] * Almost everything by Raymond Feist [Fantasy Writer] * Lots of Starwars stuff * Lots of Religion Books [specifically the occult, cause we all know that's most interesting] * Some classic lit, some books for writers I can get more specific if need be, let me know if anyone's interested. Contact me any way you want, all of my contact information is real in my registration data. email is drone1984 at
  2. What do you put on a Celeron 500 w/64m of RAM so it runs moderately well, and can do things like check email & surf the web? Must be graphical. I'd really really really like to put BeOS on it, but it won't #@$#@!$ boot the CD!
  3. Anybody? Free as in Freedom? Richard's Stallman's Crusade for Free Software? PigMokey, where do I send this?
  4. Things I'd like to see in a Distro: * Install * Mutliple Kernels, with an easy selection Vanilla - A shell, binutils, a package manager, basic user management tools Vanilla & Strawberries - Vanilla, as well as configuration "wizards" Vanilla Fruit Salad - Same as above, but with simple setup that compiles everything before you use it [like gentoo, but easier] Chocolate - A fully functional windows replacement, games, office stuff, ect. Chocolate & Strawberries - A hardware detection setup simmilar to knoppix, followed by booting into a fully graphical install shell, basically redhat that works. Chocolate Fruit Salad - Everything above, with pre-compiling simmilar to gentoo, that is easy, and gui-based.
  5. erm... Who wants Free as in Freedom next?
  6. heh, if you buy a P225 new, you may as well just buy some HD Princeton Monitors... They're comparitive in price to other monitors these days, and boy they're sweet... I have an E90fb, ... 1280x1024 is the highest at 75hz... It goes up in resolution a lot higher at 60hz, ... but at 60hz, who cares... bah!
  7. No I havn't, but I've glanced at it a few times... It sounds interesting... Lets hope they also plan to include more logical driver systems...
  8. I'm soon to convert my father [59 - neophyte] to linux. I didn't get the opportunity to let him play around in the GUI, because all the crap in the GUI on Knoppix-STD requires 64 megs of ram. Here's a mathamatical problem for you... You have a machine with 64MB of RAM, and You load an OS that makes a RAM-Drive of 40MB, Is a program that requires 64MB of RAM to operate going to work? [Answer: NO!] So... I'll probably be doing that today...
  9. Why the concern, the "Agency" already keeps track of what you check out at the library, havn't you ever seen Se7en? hehhehe Actually it wouldn't suprise me if they did shit like that for years... At least in major libraries. A lot of real-life conspiracies take place facillutating public libraries as drop off points, and places to get orders... However they are primarily intelligence operations.
  10. Believe it or not, FreeBSD does not support the southbridge - on a kernel level. Ugly.... I'm happy with my linux distro ...
  11. Project Names: ARES - Archival Radial Educational System DTML - Damn The Man! Library RAL - Radial Archive Library FULS [Fools] - Free YOU! Library System IFL - Intellectual Freedom Library FLS - Free Library System
  12. Knoppix makes a 45MB ramdisk, and it's GUI requires at least 64MB of RAM. See a problem here? Debian - Stock 2.4.18-bf kernel, w/fluxbox
  13. heh, perhaps I should make my CSS open-source-worthy... It would be better validated and commented...
  14. Well... This is my humble offering to the project... [Design and Graphics] Yes, i know all the links are null, yes I know it's static, not dynamically generated... It's just a bloody layout and design. What do you think? If you want it, I'll go through and comment my work, and work with you to make sure it fits the script... -edit- *cough* I guess it's good to have the link too, huh? oh btw, the name is just a placeholder... I couldn't think of anything else to name it.
  15. Well here's the funny part... The post office reccomends that you contact anyone who sends you a package before you open it, so you can verify it's really from them, and not something like a bomb, or anthrax or something. ... So they put a stick over the only way to contact the person who sent it... ... GRRRR.... I guess the pay is shitty, so I really can't complain too much... Oh wait, yes I can.
  16. Suggestions: Genre - Browse by Genre Brose by Author
  17. I think the easiest way to do this is to have everyone pay to ship to someone else. I got Pig Monkey's book "Free as in Freedom" today, ... so to offset the cost he spent to send it to me, I will send it to someone else, with my money. [and him if no one else requests it] Simple enough, if you don't want to spend money, don't offer the books, and don't request any. Speaking of such... Pig Monkey, got your book... Great so far, but I don't have you return address in the case that no one else requests it. The post office decided to make the return address useless by putting a tracking sticker right on top of the label with the return address. Assholes... If no one else requests it, I'll need to get that from you again.
  18. heh, I think you got the wrong idea... I only use my linux machines for heavy crunching server-type stuff... I use links when I just HAVE to have a web-browser, but no instant messaging on those beasts....
  19. To be honest, the reason I've not had much inclination to change from Gnome, is because when i'm using linux, I rarely use the GUI... I can do almost anything I want to achieve with my linux box, inside the CLI. [this will all change sometime around Q2 2005, when I attempt to go 100% legitimate]
  20. heh, since this borders on piracy, and piracy is my forte, I believe I can be of help! It depends on what you're looking for. For ease of use, I reccomend XviD with MP3 VBR, using Vidomi. [google it] If you want the leet sheet, I would either make them .OGM [Xvid+OGG] which supports multiple streams, awesome video and sound compression, and just all around l33tness. If you want to focus on multiple audio channels, go for Matrovska, .MKV - pretty damned good too. I reccomend very very highly against DiVX. It's old hat. It changes about once a month, they're making it less and less free with every release. They're started to do the Real networks thing, and make the free stuff harder to find on the page. They're also not open source, XViD, and OGG are. Also, technologically speaking... XViD just has better compression, DiVX loses keyframes A LOT more often. [this is when you're watching a movie, and suddenly you notice the video stops, but the audio keeps going. Also, it gets corrupted a lot easier, so you're in the middle of the movie and your player crashes. My personal favorite is when you get through a fast-action scene, and you notice that the audio track is about 20 seconds ahead of the video track. BAAAHH!! BTW, if your compression program only gets your DVDs down to 7-8 gigs, then it's probably lossless compression, ... you don't want to compress video or audio with loss-less compression because it doesn't do anything really. Oh ya, I forgot to add that it adds a HUGE amount of decoding over-head, so you end up having crappy choppy video if you're not careful.
  21. Actually I'm rather fond of Gnome with Metacity. I like how Metacity runs, and the configuration options for it. Gnome is also very pretty, so I like it. However I'm not really so happy about how it performs. I first encountered gnome with FreeBSD, and it ran like a top the very first time I installed it. [although no one else seemed to even be able to get it working in FreeBSD] Those were the days, Gnome and EnlightenmentWM... With Enlightenment crashing every 2 and a half minutes, and gnome trying to figure out what to do with itself... MAN I hated the *nix world. Anyway, enough of that. Clean Debian Install + Gnome2 w/Metacity = A Mac-looking PC that doesn't crash, and runs very snappy. Actually, I like XPde too - too bad they havn't done shit to it recently.
  22. Oh wow, really? Now THAT's useful. I wonder if they used their own code, or if they licensed it from partition magic or something... Hmmm.... See, if linux installs and usage were that easy 2 years ago, I would be an uber-geek by now... Either that, or it would have turned into windows by now...
  23. Clarification... When I suggested that we do this [dual sending his book to everyone] on a larger scale, my idea was primarily a friendship expanding venture, as well as a nostalgia generator. It really would be significantly less expensive for people to go to, buy the books used, and pay shipping for that, then to send them from person to person, plus you'd get to KEEP the books!! But because we're doing this, I suspect a lot of people will become friends, and friends will become much closer friends. I've been floating around this great big internet for a long time now, [not as long as some] and I made friends with a lot of people who have become rich and or famous because of this exploit or that, or this piece of wonderfully crafted software or that... Even the ocassional literary work. I can go back through the things I have and remember the awesome times I had with my friends, ... friends that I don't see anymore, friends that have passed on... And I think of how great things were, even though they seemed to totally suck ass at the time. When I think about these things, I remember that the only hope for the future is us, what we do today will ultimately effect us tommorow. If we send these books to anyone who wants to read them, and they sign the book with their handle, 5, 10, even 20 years from now you'll sift through your box of junk, and find some book that's beaten to shit, and has handwriting all over it - and you'll think to yourself... Those were some great times... The world is so messed up right now, that we can't directly do anything about it. The only way things will change, is to change the way people think - and the way to do that is through communication and sharing. Let the good times roll.
  24. heheh 4gb is plenty. Last time I used MDK, it didn't have shit for dual booting support, but that was MDK 8ish... Good luck with that... If you have difficulty with MDK [for example you're f00ked] you can always pick up a copy of RH9, which is pretty damned easy to setup in dual booting as well, and still has pretty good support. Personally, I hate them both. [RPM based distros need to DIE!!] Funny enough, I have a Cyber-Drive 48x that has had the living shit beat out of it, because it has a real problem with burned disks. The cheaper burnable disks don't have a whole lot of contrast between the pits and lands, and really aren't very reflective... And the Cyber-Drive cost me 40 bucks new, back when 48x was the l33t shit. So I figure it's just a crappy CD-ROM drive. [For some reason if I were in windows, it would read some of the CDs about 50% of the time, but it would NEVER boot off them.] It sounds to me like the problem you're having, is that it's able to read the high-prioty section of the disk [the section set for boot in the El Torrito standard] but the rest of your files are unreadable, like it failed to find the start of the track, or the end of it.
  25. heh, yea I was going to mention that up until about a year ago, was a porn site...